Different Varieties Of Granite Tile To Satisfy Your Unique Obsessions

Unique Granite Tile Varieties To Accentuate Your Ambience

Variety is the spice of life and it is nothing less than truth when it comes to making the right choice. When we have different options to choose from, it allows us to gather inspirations. It lets us experience what moves us the most.

And hence, the natural stone collection at Quality Marble Exports (India) is diverse. You may call it a resemblance to an art gallery where you stop by, feast your eyes, and inspire yourself. But, more than that, you can bring home the art that attracts you - to decorate your personal space.

With this thought, we are showcasing some of our most popular granite stone varieties. Explore to know which one inspires you the most!

  1. 1. Green Galaxy Granite

The name suggests already how the aura of this stunning green granite can capture your senses. It shows distinct clusters of golden and brown patches on the green base that evoke the feeling of the celestial wonder.

The stone’s intense 3-dimensional effects make it a fun choice to use as granite floor tiles, kitchen countertops and wall cladding. Explore more about Green Galaxy Granite here.

  1. 2. Nurelle Grey Granite

  2. High-quality Nurelle Grey Granite Tiles Available With Us

If you are looking to paint your space with a delicate and subtle touch, Nurelle Grey is a beautiful choice. The granite reflects soft grey and white specks running evenly across the stone. Effortlessly, it establishes a serene ambience in both interior and exterior space. Feel its elegance by just looking at its close up image.

  1. 3. Imperial White Granite

Another striking addition in the Imperial series is the Imperial White granite. This natural stone is Imperial White Granite For Appealing Kitchen Designpopular for its neutral aesthetics that is both refined and versatile. It displays subtle pinkish-grey veins throughout that come off as a luxurious charm.

If you are finishing off a modern minimalistic kitchen use its polished version. And if you are creating a cottage-style space, go for the unpolished finish. Find out more about the white wonder!

  1. 4. Imperial Pink Granite

Imperial Pink Granite, also known as Rani Pink granite creates a wow scene. With a floral-like pattern with pink colour speckles and black flakes, it reflects a personality of its own. The granite tile produces an elegant effect in any space.

The shade is versatile enough for both contemporary bathrooms and country-flavoured kitchens. Peek into the world of Imperial Pink Granite to feel its look.

  1. 5. Shiva Gold Granite

  2. Shiva Gold Granite Installed in Kitchen Countertops

This variety is a great option for our traditional lovers. The beige cum yellow background with a combination of veins, specks and fissures creates a unique look and feel. The light tones that flow together instantly add a soothing effect.

Shiva Gold granite floor tiles are one of the first choices when it comes to adding rich flavour to your living space. Look at Shiva Gold Granite’s grace to get some inspiration.

  1. 6. Lavender Blue

This pick is for those who wish to customize their space into an ultra-modern home. With a pale blue background saturated with burgundy and lavender specks, the granite tile whispers femininity and mystery. As wall cladding, flooring, or countertop, it creates magnificent stories of its own.

  1. 7. Black Galaxy Granite

  2. Give Your Floors An Enticing Look With The Black Galaxy Granite

This black granite is just as beautiful and enticing as its name. A black backdrop with silver and gold flakes throughout the stone offers an uncommon depth and elegance. Using the granite floor tiles throughout your living room will make you pause and gaze at it every time you enter.

The natural stone’s visual limits surpass that of an ordinary black tone. Check out some more ways to enhance your interiors with Black Galaxy Granite.

  1. 8. Sapphire Brown Granite

Have you always admired the ancient craftsmanship of temples and forts in India? Then this granite is for you. Look deeper into this natural stone and you will see the hidden art wonder. Each granite tile reflects veining and pattern reminiscent of historic carvings and sculptures. And the blue and brown blend makes it ideal for both contemporary and traditional spaces.

  1. 9. Panther Orange Granite

Panther Orange granite tile offers a boldness that feels vintage and sophisticated. The stone pours out a dramatic effect with black and bright yellowish-orange veining on an ochre background.

The bright yellowish-orange tone intensifies the presence of black veining and stands as a unique design. This granite variety can easily transform a monotonous ambience into an exciting environment.

Long-lasting Imperial Red Granite Tiles at Quality Marble Exports
  1. 10. Imperial Red Granite

Imperial Red granite is for those who love red and for those who love adding immense energy to interiors. This natural stone shows off a bluish-brown background with a conspicuous distribution of intensely red grains.

When exposed to sunlight, the specks sparkle to your delight. Know the best applications of Imperial Red.

There Are More Varieties To Match Your Mood - At Quality Marble Exports

The list of granite tile varieties mentioned above is not exhaustive. We have just picked one variety from each colour section to give you a window for inspiration.
Bespoke Granite Tiles Variety At Quality Marble Exports

Quality Marble Exports (India) is a leading granite supplier and exporter from India. We offer our customers flexibility to customise any product in terms of shape, thickness, profile edge and finish. That’s how we make a difference in the natural stone industry.

Whether you are looking for tiles, slabs or blocks to spice up your space, we have varieties to fill the gap!