DIY Landscaping Ideas With Natural Stones

DIY Ideas To Rejuvenate Your Garden’s Ambience And Biodiversity

Having a garden in your house is nothing less than a blessing during these hard times. It is the most rejuvenating and relaxing space in our homes. So, spend some quality time in your garden amongst nature and natural stones. Use the beauty of natural stones to transform your garden into a peaceful sanctuary.

Pebbles and water features are the souls of a garden. Having them will not just uplift your green space but also attract different species of insects and birds.

Spending just one or two afternoons is enough to decorate your garden with pebbles and fountains. But they really come out as the beauty element when chosen and placed strategically. Read on to get some DIY ideas that use granite tile, marble tiles, sandstone tiles, limestone tiles, and much more to your surprise!

Oasis Of Pebbles & Stones

Nowadays, you get a variety of pebbles made of man-made materials in the market. But nothing can beat the look of natural stone pebbles. They are functionally apt for a garden - able to withstand moisture and other natural elements over the years. And they help create a space as natural as the waterfalls and rivers amidst a forest.

A Pond Of Pebbles

In your garden where you have benches placed, you can create a small pond of pebbles surrounded by larger stones. This pond would not be filled with water but a mixture of colourful pebbles giving a striking effect. For the larger stones encircling it as the boundary, you can use sandstone slabs of your choice. Sandstone is one of the most used stones in lavish gardens due to its extreme durability to different weather conditions.

A Shore Of Pebbles
Shore Of Pebbles To Protect Your Garden Plants

Do you have specific plants or bushes that seem to be growing out of the unity in your garden? Then it's time to strengthen their place. Around these plants, bushes or shrubs, you can build a boundary of pebbles. In between, you can also place granite tile or sandstone slabs for a rough look.

This same design scheme can also be used for a small patch of grass. The pebbles and stones can decorate the shores of this tiny grassland in your garden.

A Rugged Island Of Pebbles
Smiling Turtle To Create A Rugged Pebble Island

If you love the natural rugged look, distribute pebbles and natural stone slabs/tiles irregularly in a small patch. Now, use different sizes of stones to give the appearance of rocky terrain. To enhance the look you could place one or two terracotta pots in a horizontal or vertical manner. If you are a natural stone enthusiast, get custom-design pots from expert sandstone and granite suppliers. You can also add other lovely things like the smiling turtle in the picture. 

Even more, you have the opportunity to improve the functionality and beauty of your garden with stepping stones. Make use of stepping stones innovatively.

DIY Natural Stone Fountain Ideas
Stone Fountain Serving As A Haven For Wildlife And Tranquility

Seeing and hearing the water gushing and splashing through a stone fountain is something indescribable. It calms your spirit and makes you feel more connected with nature and, of course, your garden.

Making a stone fountain all by yourself is another great feeling of contentment. It is also one of the most inexpensive ways to add a water feature to your soulful garden. Moreover, they will also act as a water supply for wildlife, especially in summers and the frozen months.
Elegant DIY Wall Cladding

There are some basic things you need to know about when setting up a fountain. Typically, you can create a fountain within 7 to 8 hours. And there are four essential parts you need to have to create the fountain. First, a reservoir to store water beneath. Second, a hosepipe that helps water flow in a continuous cycle. Third, a pump to propel the water. And lastly, a stone sculpture over which the water flows.

Here, we are just going to talk about the fourth part i.e., the stone sculpture. You can build a stone craft for the fountain all by yourself. Or, you can use a pot. Going beyond, you can get bespoke stone sculptures from granite and marble suppliers.

Two Pot Fountain
Two Pot Fountain To Enhance Your Garden’s Liveliness

Take a big pot and place a small pot on the top. Now, fill the space left by the base of the small pot with pebbles. The top of the small pot from where the water will trickle should also be filled with pebbles. Use any shaped pot and try placing it in ‘the pond or the island of pebbles.’

Depending on your preference, you could also create one pot or three pot fountain in the same way.

Stone Stack Fountain

Use irregular pieces of granite tile, sandstone tiles, limestone tile, marble tiles or slate tiles stacked on each other. You could also use all of them mixed together to create a colourful and vibrant fountain.

Fountain Island

How about transforming the design explained to create ‘a pond of pebbles’ into a fountain. In this case, the water trickles from the centre.

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