Marble And Granite Edge Profile Options For Your Applications

Different Types Of Natural Stone Edge Profiles

After choosing the type of natural stone, colour, texture, and finish, there is one last yet important feature waiting for your decision. And that is the stone edge profile. In simple words, it is the cross-section of a stone slab surface that is visible from a distance.

At first, it might sound like a minute detail when you are busy choosing the right stone for your countertop. However, having the right edge profile of natural stone is just like decorating your kitchen or bathroom. It can significantly enhance the style and appearance of your space when matched with the overall interior design.

Some stone edge profiles are simple, created to reflect a contemporary minimalistic design style. Others are complex, giving a sophisticated feel with more layering and detail. But the importance of having it, in the first place, goes beyond the looks. The correctly chosen edge profile ensures safety and ease of cleaning. For example, a rounded edge can make it more comfortable while you lean forward working on your countertop.

Continue reading as the following context will help you choose an edge profile perfect for your kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops.

How Is A Perfect Edge Profile Of Natural Stone Achieved?

Creating a stone edge profile comes after the slab is cut and polished. Traditionally, the edge of the slab was shaped with hand-operated tools and involved an expensive and time-consuming process. But today, the method has been simplified with computer-aided design programs and modern equipment. The process that used to take weeks to complete by hand is accomplished in a day or two. Thereby, reducing both time and cost.

To begin with, the slab is cut to the perfect size and moved into a machine equipped with routers and water jets. These tools help accurately shape the desired edge of the countertop. Specialised router bits with diamond cutting tools are used to create a variety of natural stone edge profiles. The final touch is given with the use of an edge polishing machine. After the process is complete, the slab is thoroughly inspected to ensure that all edges are uniform.

The use of the correct tools is crucial to design a perfect edge profile for natural stone countertops. At Quality Marble Exports (India), we employ high-quality diamond cutting tools to create beautiful edge profiles as desired.

When installing a natural stone countertop, it is essential to choose an edge profile that satisfies your needs. The best way is to go with the style of your kitchen and the kitchen cabinet design.

Types of Stone Edge Profiles At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India) offers over a dozen varieties of natural stone edge profiles created for a lasting impact on aesthetics. In addition, we ensure that the result delivers maximum durability, safety, and ease of cleaning - as the stone ages. Following is a list of edge profiles available at Quality Marble Exports (India).

Natural Stone Edge Profile

Single Ogee

This type is ideal for a modern space with lots of right angles and straight lines. The Single Ogee edge profile is defined by an ‘S’ shaped curve where a concave arch meets a convex arch. The Ogee edge looks detailed yet allows for easy cleaning and care. This is popularly used as the edge profile of marble due to its ornate characteristics.

Full Bullnose

Here the edge is rounded on both top and bottom hence giving a soft appearance to your kitchen countertops. Full Bullnose is a good choice for a traditional country-style kitchen. As the edge is smooth, it is safe and extremely easy to clean. This stone edge profile is best if your countertop is a busy place and needs cleaning frequently. Moreover, Full Bullnose is less susceptible to chipping. Consider this as your choice if you have young children at home.

Single Bullnose

Also known as Half Bullnose, this type has a rounded top or bottom with one side squared. Single Bullnose amazingly compliments contemporary kitchens. The edge is smooth, flowing, and has a thicker cross-section. Besides, cleaning is as easy as Full Bullnose.


A transitional edge between the top and bottom creates Chamfer or the Bevel form. This natural stone edge profile is created at a 45° angle between two adjoining right-angled faces. Another type is Double Chamfer where the edge profile is created with a flat edge on both the top and the bottom. Chamfer types are often used when homeowners are looking for a decorative touch to their traditional or modern kitchen.


Dupont edge profile creates a 90° angle adjoining a convex arch. So, when Dupont is combined with Bullnose it produces an ornamental version of the Bullnose. But as the top is not rounded, this type can be uncomfortable for those who tend to lean on their countertops. Otherwise, this is an exceptional choice for your traditional or contemporary kitchen.

Double Dupont

The Double Dupont can be a fabulous edge profile of marble tiles. Because it produces a sophisticated expression for your countertop. Its edges on both top and bottom are sharp and crisp looking. A kitchen with contemporary cabinets can have this as a great choice. But as both the top and bottom have cuts, it needs thorough cleaning to avoid any lodging of dirt.

Ogee/Full Bullnose

If you are looking for an extremely decorative and complex edge profile,Natural Stone Edges look no further than Ogee/Full Bullnose. Here the Ogee’s ‘S’ curve adorns the top while the Bullnose round shape embellishes the bottom. This stone edge profile creates a thick and attractive look when seen from a distance. It is an excellent option for kitchen islands where it greatly enhances the appearance of your kitchen countertops.


An innovative style of edge profile, as you can call is the ‘Laminated Edge’. It involves adhering to a line of stone beneath the edge of your countertop to produce a dramatically thick appearance of the countertop. This is an ideal choice for high-end kitchen islands where all its edges become most conspicuous.

The variety of edge profiles of natural stone does not end here. Quality Marble Exports (India) offers many more options to make your kitchen countertops the gems of your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space. Contact us, the best granite suppliers and marble suppliers from India, if you would like to know more about our custom-made edge profiles!