Embrace The Emerging Kitchen Design Trends Of The Future

Exquisite Design Trends For Beautiful Kitchen Spaces

There was a time when the kitchens of the royals had a special place in the palace. But the kitchens of the common man were a mess. No homeowner would love to show it to guests. Today, the story is different.

Be it the kitchen of royals or the common man, the place is transforming into a social gathering hotspot of the household. People are paying more attention to design elements, ease, and convenience.

Kitchen design has become one of the most important aspects when judging the quality of a home for sale. This is as agreed by interior designers, architects and realtors. Let’s explore what design trends are popular among homeowners today.

The Rising Trend In Dubai - Setting An Example

For the past two decades, homeowners in the UAE, especially in Dubai are showing higher spending capacities. This has significantly increased the demand for avant-garde products. Not just the homeowners but even the government are ambitious about developing a creative design market for consumers. UAE is making headway in achieving a design-driven economy.
Natural Stone Designs For Convenient And Durable Kitchen

This certainly involves the sustainability element as well. More and more consumers are showing keen interest in buying natural materials for interior design. Natural stones top this list. Products from granite and marble suppliers are in rising demand.

For kitchens, buyers are looking for efficiency and convenience - as part of the design. Ergonomics is now becoming one of the integral principles of kitchen design.

The visual concept of privacy has shifted to larger boundaries for designing. A kitchen featuring an open floor plan and unobstructed views are popular now. It is no more a sequestered space of the home.

Rising Kitchen Design Trends

White Kitchen With A Flavour Of Colour

White kitchens are hugely popular in Dubai. But of course, keeping the space completely white can stimulate a lack of interest. So, homeowners can bring in beautiful hints of other lively colours. An all-white kitchen proves to be an oasis in the desert climate. But you can make it cooler. Adding just one colour such as green or blue is enough.

For example, Forest Green Marble sparks a sense of freshness when working in the kitchen. The marble reflects intense dark and light green branches running across the stone. It delivers an eco-friendly view while also being an eco-friendly material. You can either add the stone as an accent wall. Or, choose it as your colourful marble flooring.

Contrasting Kitchen Countertops And Backsplash
Contrasting Backsplash And Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertops, islands and backsplashes have moved beyond functionality. These elements have become the heart of the kitchen design.

You can choose an intricate design either for the countertop or for the backsplash. But never both. If one is intricate the other has to be relatively simple. This avoids any visual conflict.

Alaska White Granite is one such incredible stone to design an intricate backsplash. Alternatively, youAlaska White Granite For Kitchen Space can also use it as your kitchen countertop. The stone showcases stunning snow-flakes-like patterns that will make you feel the winter even in summer.

And its modest companion can be Absolute Black Granite or Paradiso Classic Grey Granite. The plain black granite could be an amazing match with the intricately designer Imperial White Granite.

Dark Colour Open Shelves And Cabinets

Open Shelves are one of the most fancied kitchen design trends in the UAE. They don’t just look fabulous but also add to accessibility and convenience. You can store crockery, cookbooks or any design element of your choice.

However, it is also essential to have closed cabinets in place. It maintains a balance, prevents cluttering up of the space. Of course, you also need cabinets to store spice bottles and packaged ingredients.

Now let’s talk about colour. if your kitchen is all-white including the countertop, backsplash, flooring, and walls, adding dark colour kitchen cabinets and/or open shelves is enough to stimulate excitement. That’s the future trend. Brown wood tones ranging from light to dark are most popular.

Tips To Build A Convenient And Functional Kitchen

Kitchen design achieves success when design meets functionality and convenience. That’s the ideal combination homeowners are seeking today. So, here are some tips to build a perfect kitchen - a healthy kitchen.

  • Place cabinets and open shelves at optimum heights so that a user can access them easily.
  • Install drawers at knee height to ensure ease of operation without straining a muscle.
  • Create small kitchens which don’t speak of less space but more of the functions. In this case, organise things by having everything within arms reach.
  • Insert lighting that is beautiful and more importantly, practical. Task-oriented lighting is a must. For example, lighting above the kitchen countertops.
  • Consider the use of marble tiles for flooring and walls.
  • Granite tiles are ideal for kitchen countertops and backsplash but are a great option for granite floor tiles and walls as well.

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Natural Stone Options For Kitchens

In the UAE, we have a huge client base and demand for a variety of natural stones. Black granite and green marble are two of the most sought-after products. In addition, we offer a wide range of other natural stones.

In addition, we offer tailor-made stone fabrication and installation services. Reach out to us to design trendy kitchens that whisper the fashion of the future!