Slate & Limestone: How You Can Use Them To Create Farmhouse Style Interiors?

How To Use Limestone And Slate Tiles For A Farmhouse Style Home?

If you are the kind of person who loves a laid-back lifestyle, then farmhouse-style interiors are perfect for you. The feeling of cosiness, the sweet smell near the fireplace, and the warmth of being around nature is what you yearn for.

Whether you are planning to build a farmhouse-style home, or you just want a revamp of your interiors, limestone and slate tiles can help you. You could actually use just the two natural stones to bring home a combination of a country feel and rustic twist. Perhaps, it would be a retreat for you away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the leading slate and limestone exporters, are here to share a few ideas and unique natural stone options.

Why Limestone & Slate Tiles?

Among all natural stones, limestone and slate tiles own diverse rough textures and neutral color palettes that are ideal for farmhouse-style homes. Both have a purely natural look and feel that might also remind you of the beauty of the wilderness. And so they can help you craft the farmhouse-style interiors you dream of. Other benefits integral to their characteristics include being sustainable, eco-friendly, and extremely hard (non-porous) and compact.

Thanks to the natural features of limestone and slate tiles they can also easily blend with your existing design theme. Their presence feels family-friendly and inviting. Plus, practicality and simplicity are their defining traits. If you put all this together, the two natural stones objectively prove to be the perfect materials for the farmhouse-style interior that demand cosiness, comfort, rusticity and practicality.

How to Use Slate Tiles?

Feature Wall

Add A Fresh Appeal To The Interior Walls With Ledged Slate Tiles

Stone walls are one of the best expressions for farmhouse-style interiors. You can use ledged or stacked slate tiles to create a half wall. Or, you may also go with a floor-to-ceiling feature wall depending on the extent of rusticity you prefer. Perhaps, you could get a little dramatic by adding a unique stone fireplace. You can incorporate such accent pieces in your living room, bedroom as well as a bathroom (for a spa-like ambience).

For example, Copper Natural Slate tiles can prove to create a dramatic entrance into your living room. The stone is mostly red with tints of metallic greens, greys and oranges that contribute to a rough texture. A feature wall using these tiles would spread elegance with gracefulness. This stone paired with wooden furniture like oak will add a natural look.

Slate Tiles Flooring

While accent walls serve the purpose of decor, slate tiles flooring will bring all the farmhouse feel you love. In fact, you could enjoy its presence while walking barefoot. Instead of going with a heavily textured option, you could opt for a clean and simple look that is prominent in a country-style home.

For example, the plain Silver Grey Natural Slate tiles can be a great choice. The plain silvery flooring is perfect for a laid-back farmhouse with a modern touch and casual vibe.

Slate Fireplace

Jack Multicolor Slate Tiles For Creating A Vibrant Style

Every farmhouse is incomplete without a fireplace. That’s the corner that gives you another level of cosiness, warmth and relaxation, especially during winters. Wood-burning fireplaces were a symbol of rustic homes. However, the modern transformation has switched to gas fireplaces. Slatestone complements both types. For a ranch-style feel, go for ashlar-cut slate tiles. Such tiles have negligible mortar joints with a unique texture and seamless cuts. You can arrange them in random order or stack them to achieve a uniform pattern.

Jack Multicolor Slate tiles are a wonderful option to go with. The natural stone flaunts rusty green, black and red hues that add to a striking appearance. It comes in a fine grain to medium grain texture which provides a natural surface.

How to Make the Most of Limestone?

Limestone varieties come in a fine-grained surface texture due to which the tiles and slabs have a remarkable polishing effect. Hence, you can use the stone in some of the unusual applications as follows:

Window Sills

Windows are eye-catching features in a farmhouse. And window sills are the functional and decorative elements of windows. Homeowners use limestone for decorative window sills to enhance the fresh ambience at home.

As window sills are a comparatively very miniature application, you can go with a striking Kota Honey Natural limestone. The stone is well known for its random light brown and dark brown patterns and durability.

Stair Treads

Add Warmth To The Space With Cudappa Black Natural Limestone

Stair tread is the place where you step your foot to climb up or down the stairs. You can get highly creative with stair treads and limestone. In fact, you could use the stone to create rustic treads, risers and nosing (the edge of each step).

Cudappa Black Natural is a bold option for a modern farmhouse. Its attractive smooth finish accentuates your staircase.


Some of the varieties of limestone are soft and can be moulded into distinct shapes to create artistic sculptures. Cottage style figurines contribute to astounding aesthetics that help keep a friendly atmosphere with calm vibes.

Depending on the color you prefer or the theme of your home, you can choose any of the limestone varieties.

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Depending on the type of farmhouse-style interiors you love, we can help you customise limestone and slate tiles. Both naturally bestow a peaceful farmhouse environment even when you are living amidst the hustle of modern cities. These natural stones are ideal for a farmhouse-style home. And we make sure they give you a beautiful home that lasts for generations to come.