When You Love Both Marble & Granite - How To Strike A Balance

How To Mix And Match Marble And Granite At Home?

When you are planning on your home’s interior design remodel project, you consider your family’s likes and dislikes. Perhaps, you may have different inputs from your family members. Someone may have the desire to install granite tiles while someone else may show love for marble tiles. You may wonder if both natural stones can exist and look great in the same space in such a situation.

It’s a yes! You can mix marble and granite tiles and enhance the aesthetics of your home. There is no hard-and-fast rule that no two natural stones can exist in the same place.

To help you make a strategic decision, Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the globally-known granite and marble suppliers is here with a few tips. Start exploring!

Which Natural Stone Should You Choose For Which Application?

Before you decide on the appearance of marble and granite tile, it is important to think about the material’s practicality for a particular application. For instance, think about the installation on your kitchen island. Do you do the cutting on the island? Do you have young children who are going to eat on the island? If yes, then granite tile/slab is the ideal option for this area. Because the natural stone is harder, more durable and more resistant compared to marble.

Perhaps your kitchen countertop might be the busiest area in your kitchen where you do all the cooking. Then, you can choose granite for the countertop and marble for the island.

For your kid’s bedroom, it is best to choose granite floor tiles for the flooring. And marble could be an ideal match on the wall. For your bedroom as well as living room, you could go vice versa.

4 Ways To Blend Marble Tiles & Granite Tiles (With Suggestions)

Choose Two-tone Colors

Add Natural Aesthetics To Interiors With Green Marble

One of the safest ways to mix and match both granite and marble tiles is by sticking with the same undertones. If you are choosing a dark green marble, opt for light green granite stone. Or, when you go for a light brown shade for your marble, consider using a warmer tone for granite.

Suggestion: Fantasy Brown Marble with cream, white and brown backdrop would look great on the ‘not busy’ kitchen island. You can match it with Crystal Brown Granite for the countertop. The latter has an overall dark brown appearance.

Use The Powerful Combo Of Dark And Light

A light-dark environment has dynamic energy flowing throughout the space. A nice balance with this combination gives different aesthetic experiences during the day and night (provided that lights have been placed strategically). Let’s consider the installation in your bedroom. If you have a light-coloured wardrobe, opt for a dark accent wall against it. And the flooring will tend to be the opposite hue.

Stylish And Trendy White Marble Flooring

Suggestion: The velvety dark appearance of Black Marquino Granite tiles can go well with shiny Onyx White Marble flooring. Black granite tiles and white marble tiles combo has remained trendy for years.

You can go vice versa when it comes to applications in kid’s bedrooms or bathrooms. Because black granite floor tiles are highly considered for bathroom floorings.

Have A Keen Look At The Patterns

Chima Pink Granite For Subtle And Strong Visual Aesthetics

Busy designs create strong visual aesthetics. However, using too much across a room can be overwhelming. If you love granite tiles with a busy design, use them in a small area of a room and pair them with solid-colour marble tiles.

Suggestion: Chima Pink Granite tiles offer a busy design with grey, black, white specks on pink background. You can pair the variety with the solid-colour Baby Pink Marble tiles. Use the former as the accent wall and the latter for a subtle marble flooring.

Choose A Central Piece Of Attraction

 White Granite Kitchen Countertops - A Natural Showstopper

Whether a marble or granite stone features bold colours, busy designs or solid and subtle patterns, some of them tend to be the natural showstoppers. You could use such varieties as the centre of attraction - as your kitchen island or as your living room centre table.

Suggestion: When it comes to creating a focal point in your living room, almost no variety can beat the Rain Forest Brown Marble. The marble tiles are one of the trending options among homeowners. You could use it to create a custom centrepiece such as a centre table or fountain. In the granite category, Imperial White Granite & Nurelle Grey Granite are some of the exotic trends.

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Various Patterns Of Marble And Granite At Quality Marble Exports (India)

With years of experience in helping interior designers and architects around the world achieve their desired aesthetic results, we ensure a perfectly tailored solution reaches your doorstep. You might wish to create a masterpiece made of marble tiles for your living room. Perhaps, you may have an incredible idea to mould granite or marble into your specific application. Whatever your dream or desire to transform your home into a heavenly haven, we are here to help you achieve your goal.

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