Granite Countertop & Backsplash Combinations to Style Your Kitchen

Granite Countertop & Backsplash Combinations to Style Your Kitchen

A backsplash is an extra protection that is installed adjacent to the countertop. It protects the wall from cooking-related spills and dirt in the kitchen. Splashes from washing utensils also make it important to have a durable backsplash in place. 

A good combination of countertop and backsplash can help beautify your kitchen and give it a bold and enticing touch. If you have a granite countertop, a granite backsplash will make for a sturdy match that is popular worldwide. 

QM Exports (India) has a trendy collection of countertops and backsplash that can completely transform your kitchen into a resort-like oasis. Read on to discover the popular options!

Trending Varieties of Granite Backsplash for Granite Countertops

Regardless of the material of your countertop, you can choose a granite backsplash to make a first impression with the look, design, and mesmerizing existence in your kitchen—and get rid of regular maintenance issues. 

This backsplash for granite countertops looks soothing on your eyes. It offers a neutral look that blends beautifully with almost any countertop installed in your kitchen. In addition, it is durable and requires very little maintenance with high resistance to abuse. 

If you like the elegant and sophisticated appearance of black, consider this option. Black Marquino gives a velvety look to your backsplash without bothering you on maintenance. It will look great with black, white, brown or other neutral colour countertops or kitchen themes. 

The brown, red, and beige streaks on this natural stone adds a different level of vibe to your kitchen. This stone looks amazing with different shades of brown countertops. 

With small specks of grey and black, this stone adds new meaning to your kitchen. It has all the qualities of strong granite and goes well with grey, black, or white shades of countertops. 

Ways to Match Countertops With Granite Backsplash

Among all the popular ways to make an ideal combination, the following are some preferred granite backsplash ideas

Prefer the Contrast Combinations

Go for a subtle backsplash for granite that has a solid or bright colour. This looks much more attractive and special. For designed granite countertops, choose subtle backsplashes or even vice versa for a great kitchen impact. 

Choose Elegant Marble Backsplash with Fine Granite Countertops

Marble backsplash along with fine granite countertops is a combination that you can’t ignore at all. Instead, this will be one of the perfect kitchen design combinations to bring home luxury. 

Use Same Granite on both Countertop & Backsplash

Using the same type of granite for backsplash and countertop also does not result in a monotonous look. In fact, it creates a flowing design that looks attractive. If you are taking a particular colour for designed granite countertops, you can use the same colour for plain or subtle backsplash. This can even go either way according to the texture of the kitchen. 

Choose Different Patterns for Smooth Granite Countertops

For smooth granite countertops, make a list of unique backsplash tile patterns and select the most suitable among them. 

If you opt for any of the above combinations for matching granite backsplash with countertops, you are sure to gain credible and beautiful results. Your kitchen will no longer be the same and it will stand out among the others in this context. 

A perfect match of backsplash & granite countertop is the way you can embellish your kitchen over 100 times. With a unique and out-of-the-box backsplash for granite countertops choice, the special touch in your kitchen increases 10 times more. 

Order Your Custom Granite Backsplash From QM Exports (India)

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