Granite Floor Tiles - Keeps You Cool Even On The Hottest Days of Summer!

Keep Your Home Cool In Summer With Granite Floor Tiles

As Summers are approaching and people are ready to face the scorching heat, many people are looking for better alternatives to keep their homes cooler to beat the heat. Across the World, Summers are always welcomed with roughly 50 degree Celsius temperature. Switching to Air Conditioners or Coolers isn't the only option left with the people to get rid of the intensive heat. These alternatives will only lose your pockets. With the pandemic outbreak, people are confined to stay at their homes only. So why increase the electricity bills and not switch to options that will last longer.

It is true that the temperature starts rising under your feet to the body. If the right flooring is not there, one should cost a flooring alternative that will provide a sustainable home to live in - Granite Floor tiles.

Dense materials like stone, concrete and granite tile have numerous properties that allow them to act as good insulation from heat. These possess good thermal conductivity ( ability to release passive cooling), thermal lag (slow heat transmission), high volumetric heat capacity (elevated ability to store heat), low reflectivity (lower redistribution of heat).

For best superior Thermal Performance - Granite Floor Tiles greatly affect and improve thermal comfort in many commercial and residential buildings.

What is Granite?

Granite is a range of natural stone that is produced from cooling molten rock in the ground. This high-pressure and time-consuming procedure aggregates in a quality product that is used for granite floor tiles. It is an igneous rock that is made up of minerals like quartz and feldspar adding sparkling features. Granite Floor Tiles are used in almost any part of your house or commercial premises and come in both honed, brushed, matte slabs, shiny tiles. Being Eco-friendly and not too porous like marble, it is used in Moisture-proof area.

Granite Tile - Comfortably Cooling:

Hard & High-density Granite Flooring

Like many stones, granite conducts heat well. When you stand and step on it, it draws heat away from your body intensely, which is a major addition in a hot climate. After working all day and stepping on the granite flooring, it tends to keep your feet cool, it makes your whole body feel colder and composed. Granite floor tiles can be used with underfloor radiant heating.

Even when the rest of your home feels hot and humid, your granite flooring will still remain cool. This is because the granite flooring conducts heat in a different manner. Its high density and hardness enable the heat to transfer from a hot object, like your soles. Heat dissipates fast through granite, so the flooring does not feel warm. With wood and carpeted flooring, fibres in those materials heat up, but the warm air does not dissipate quickly causing a warm sensation.

Though the surface of the granite may feel cold, its temperature is similar to the air in your home. It is your body that gets warm, so any surface you touch is likely to feel colder due to the difference between your body temperature and the surrounding air temperature. However, marble’s density and quick heat conduction mean that the granite floor tiles will take a lot more energy before it feels warm to touch.

The Highlight Of Granite Floor Tiles Especially When You Have Pets At Home:

Granite floor Tiles can be great for pets because they can comfortably lay on the floor to keep themselves cool and composed during hot scorching summers. This type of Flooring is quite hygienic and will not collect bacteria and pet dander. Hence you can be sure that you can achieve not just a cooler home, but also a cleaner and allergy-free surrounding too.

Comfort At Home - For Small Toddlers:

Granite floor tiles give toddlers and kids a comfortable place to play a refreshing place to rest. In a moderate or cold climate, a granite floor’s cooling and chilling effect might not be so pleasant.

There are different granite flooring options like black granite, white granite available to you, but when you live in a place that is always sunny and hot, the best option is something that keeps your home cool.

Shades of black, brown, grey, pink and green are all among your choices for granite flooring. Whatever your decor style or colour palette preference, you'll be able to find a suitable shade. Now, let’s break down the various types of granite and a quick overview.

White Granite:

Sleek & Beautiful White Granite Floor Tiles

White granite is a granite that consists primarily of quartz (milky white) and feldspar (opaque white) minerals.

The tiny black specks in the white granite above are usually small amphibole grains. If you get a chance to check a rock that is 100% white, it is not necessary that it is granite but more likely a human manufactured rock that is being created to look like granite or quartz. The extensive range of products in White Granite is Azul White Granite, Maddy White Granite, Platinum White Granite, Imperial White Granite, Kashmir White Granite.

Black Granite:

Titanium Black Granite For All Types Of Climate

Black Granite is commonly seen in commercial rock, but it is not granite entirely. Granite must be at least 20% quartz, which means the black rock is not granite. Most commonly, black granite is gabbro, a mafic intrusive igneous rock likely as basalt. Quality Marble Exports (India) provides different products in the black finish like Black Forest Granite, Black Paradiso Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Titanium Black Granite, etc.

Green Granite:

Oftentimes the stone is actually a green variety of marble, which acquires its green pigment due to inclusions of serpentine. Granites are not abundant in green coloured minerals, but there are a diversity of various rock types that do consist of green minerals in abundance. Examples of Green Granite are - Green Rose, Green Galaxy Granite, Tropical Green Granite, and many more.

Why Is Granite Tile Flooring Considered The Best Option To Keep Your Home Cool All Year?

If you are looking for granite tile that will bring a sense of stately elegance to your home for decades to come, Granite is the best choice. While it costs more upfront than most other granite flooring options, it will pay you back in longevity, thermal performance, beauty and increased property value.

One Of The Trusted Bespoke Granite Suppliers From India

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the leading granite suppliers from India where you can find granite floor tiles that considerably reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than most of the competing materials like Block, slabs, floor tiles, Cobbles kerbstones sets. They provide granite, like Black granite or white granite that helps the floor stay cooler and reduces the heat transferred to the structure beneath, thereby keeping rooms, offices and other parts agreeably cooler even on the hottest days. With the use of Air conditioning system, it is now possible to keep the inside temperature cooler on sunny days. These include Imperial White Granite, Platinum White Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Pebble Black Granite are the bestsellers.

Renowned & Leading Granite Suppliers From India

Thanks to one of the greatest Granite suppliers, it can lead to lower energy costs and decreased carbon dioxide emissions, which is both ecologically and economically advantageous.