Some Famous Misconceptions about the Imperial White Granite Debunked

Misconceptions & Truths About Imperial White Granite

It is easier to have myths to grow when something is very prominent. This goes with Imperial White Granite. Considered as the top choice of many homeowners since technology made it economical, the ‘n’ number of myths starts circulating if it is or not the best-used material or not. It holds its position of remaining popular despite the arrival of new and inexpensive alternatives in the rapidly growing market.

There is no denying that granite tile is one of the most anticipated eye-catching features of the Kitchen, floor or be it bathroom. Be it giving an aesthetic appeal to long-lasting durability, this granite can elevate any home or commercial premises with ease.

Selecting the right countertop material for your home or office area can be as daunting as it is exhilarating- Especially when some common and unwanted myths come in the way of truth. If you accept the myths at face value, you might end up having a material that doesn't suit your space’s unique requirements.

In this blog, we’ll be debunking some of the most common myths about the White Granite that will solve the dilemma, addressing the importance of the granite to help you separate fact from Fiction.

Imperial White Granite - Finishes and Applications

Add New Dimension To Your Kitchen With White Granite Countertops

Imperial White Granite is white granite, with sometimes pink-coloured Precambrian, cool-tones white bedrock. It adds a new dimension and looks to your design. This granite tile looks great as the basis for almost any design. Its unique colour mixed with bold looks as well as a more sophisticated interior.

It can be used for various interior and exteriors use: Wall Cladding and Table Tops, Kitchen Countertops, Basin, Wall Capping, Risers, Vanity Tops, Window Sills, Mosaic, Elevator Panels, whenever a durable, naturally beautiful stone is needed.

#Myth 1: White Granite Can Cause Cancer

There was one popular myth circulated that granite can cause cancer, because of its nature of emitting radon, which is a toxic gas linked with causing someone lung cancer. Radon is quite radioactive, hence resulting from the decay of small amounts of heavier elements like Radium and Uranium which are found in most of the rocks and soil. But its presence is so minuscule that it is almost harmless to humans. Still Sceptical? Don’t worry. Imperial White Granite is not very porous and is used in kitchens or bathrooms, so any radon it has isn’t likely to escape in quantities large enough to cause any problems or cancer.

#Myth 2: Imperial White Granite And Marble are Practically Similar

Elegant Imperial White Granite Stairway

Another more troubling myth out there is that White Granite and Marble are the same. Though they both are natural stone, people start thinking that they are interchangeable. But in fact, these two materials are actually very different from each other. Marble is a hard-crystalline metamorphic form of limestone that comes in quite a range of colours and features graceful veining. Whereas, white granite is an igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, feldspar and mica that has a granular appearance. Marble is softer, much porous and requires more maintenance than granite.

#Myth 3: Granite Loses its Shine Over Time and Discolor with High Heat

Here’s the fact: Marble, but not granite, loses its shine with regular use. Imperial White Granite from India on the other hand, even after extended use, may start to dull but its surface can easily be restored with a polish to make it look new and branded again. A true Granite is appreciably heated resistive, so any hot pos will not discolour or damage it. It would roughly take a lot of heating about 600 degrees Celsius to affect Granite tile. This is much hotter than any kitchen pan or pot can possibly get.

#Myth 4: Imperial White Granite Requires High Maintenance

Being a natural stone, the one misconception that people often hear is that White Granite is difficult to maintain and clean to keep in good condition. However, this ain't as true as people really think it is. Imperial White Granite from India is a highly durable, scratch-resistant, anti-stain property, with less maintenance than other alternatives. Hence it only requires minimal cleaning and care to keep it pristine and shining. It can be kept as best as new with just a quick wipe of a mild solution of dishwashing liquid. Sealing helps granite to reduce the chance of any stains and chips that might lessen your maintenance time and your tension.

#Myth 5: Granite Tile is Very Costly

Cost-efficient Imperial White Granite Tile

Earlier Granite floor tiles were very costly, especially those exported from other countries, and this is the partly reason why many homeowners want them in their homes as a symbol of status. Nowadays, the process of quarrying, processing and taking granite for home use has become more cost-efficient. Granite Tile delivers tremendous Value for Official use and homeowners. Because of its long-lasting and durable property, its popularity has resulted in more choices. White Granite increases the value of your home making it a wise investment.

#Myth 6: Granite is Indestructible

People who oversell the product usually spread some granite myths, and the indestructibility of granite is one of these. This granite is beloved for its durability. Unlike stone products like quartzite or marble, granite is resistive to thermal heat, chemicals, stains, scratches, and more. That doesn’t mean that granite is totally indestructible. Scratching and Staining are possible, although these incidents are rare. Cracking and Chipping are also possible if something hard object hits the edge of your granite tile and causes imperfections. Although granite is an outstanding, durable choice for your kitchen, flooring or bathroom.

Debunking these myths about the Imperial White Granite from India will give a clearer picture of just why many homeowners and interior designers choose them for kitchen flooring. Be ready to start your journey for a beautiful granite tile in your home or your office.

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