Renovation With A Touch of Luxury

This is How You Can Renovate Your Home With Natural Stones

Premium quality marble or granite is one of those versatile stones that can fit into any role. Doesn’t matter what type of interior decor you have or what your taste is? These or any other natural stone has the grace to charismatically complement any kind of interior or exterior. Being a natural material, its presence in your home will always make you feel its timeless warmth.

There are almost endless options to choose from when it comes to natural stones. With different shapes, colours, textures, and finishes, there is no end to the variety of possibilities to decorate your home. And so, we have handpicked some out-of-the-ordinary ways of adding natural stone furnishings. These ideas are especially phenomenal for a home renovation project or a plan to upgrade your space.

Adding Little Stone Champions In Kitchen

Natural stone kitchen countertops, backsplash, and flooring are world-famous applications. But if you desire a quick upgrade, have the following natural stone additions to your kitchen.

Stone Boards

High-quality marble tiles or granite tile boards are excellent when used as cheese platters. Thanks to Raymond White Marble Slabboth form and function, these boards provide the best temperature zone for your cheese platters. If you have a dark colour countertop, go for Raymond White Marble board. It offers a rich and cool surface. Like any other marble, it absorbs heat faster than other materials and keeps cheese cool without letting it melt. Moreover, it doesn’t absorb smells like wood and stays aesthetically perfect for years.

Mortar & Pestle

Natural stone mortar & pestle can be found in many traditional Indian homes. Unlike other materials, aMarble Mortar & Pestle premium quality marble or granite mortar & pestle are amazing at their job. They prove a beautiful and essential addition to your kitchen.

Whiskey Stones

How about using whiskey stones stored in the freezer to chill your drinks? They are innovative as well as stylish. As opposed to ice cubes, granite or soapstone whiskey stones can chill your spirit without affecting its taste. They are an odorless and tasteless stone that keeps your drinks chilled for a very long time.

Ladle Stone

Keeping ladles on natural stone support is another elegant way to enhance the look of your kitchen. Not just aesthetically but even functionally they serve as durable support structures.

The Point Of Relaxation In Your Garden

An outdoor area or garden in your home can create an astonishing transition point between your interiors and exteriors. Have a look at these ideas to create such attractive examples.


Instead of placing ready-made benches that are simple, you can have natural stone benches of your Natural Stone Benchchoice. Natural stone fabricators offer customised options based on color, dimensions, pattern, and edge. For instance, you can have Crystal Brown Granite or Imperial White Granite tile, with a grainy texture that dazzles under sunlight. Or if you love a rustic look, you can have old-style benches using this classic sandstone.

Outdoor Stool

If you love enjoying an outdoor picnic, then why not make your garden the perfect picnic spot. For Carbon Black Marble For Outdoor Stools and Other Applicationsthis, use fixed outdoor stools with a center table that can withstand elements. This also prevents the hassle of setting and recovering chairs and tables from indoors. And the best materials that excel in this field are slate, sandstone, and limestone. How about Cudappa black natural stools? These look extremely conspicuous in a garden setting. Or if you are a marble fan, check the Carbon Black.

Outdoor Barbeque & Kitchen

In addition, setting up a built-in grill with a granite surround is an excellent decision. The stone is easy to maintain outside and is not affected by rain or snow.

Natural Stone For Luxury Bathroom

Popular Natural Stone Colors Available at Quality Marble Exports

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the next most popular space for a natural stone application. You may already have flooring, walls, and showers of natural stone in your bathroom. But have you tried these?


The bathroom sinks made of natural stone are always a pleasant surprise. There are endless design ideas to have an elegant sink attached to the countertop or left alone. For example, this striped Mercury White marble is a designer favorite for bathroom sinks.

Thresholds/ Curbs

These are the dividers sitting between your shower and bathroom floor or the entrance from anotherThe Curbs & Thresholds Enhancing Your Bathroom room. Thresholds function in preventing water from going into other areas. In addition, a high-quality granite or marble threshold and curbs can serve as the eye-catching element. It can be the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom.


Nothing could be more appealing than long soaks in a luxurious natural stone tub. There are spectacular jacuzzi designs to give a modern or traditional look to your bathroom. For a contemporary bathroom, Mercury Grey Marble tub designed along the lines of these stone patterns can become the center of attraction.

And if you wish for a more relaxing soak, consider having a jacuzzi surround as well. This acts as strong support.

Renovate Your Space With Quality Marble Exports (India)

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