Indian Natural Stones Popular In The Arab Interior Decor

QM India Natural Stones - Key Trends In The Arab Interior Design

Indian natural stones are increasingly catching the attention of Arab countries. Especially in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar. For many reasons, Indian stones trigger a sense of luxury, peace and opulence. They reflect the aura of majestic forts and palaces while offering strength and durability that lasts for centuries.

In particular, white, beige, green, red, reddish-brown and golden colour natural stones are high in demand. From an Arabic interior perspective, these hues lying on the warm side of the colour wheel are most favoured. That said, the black natural stone that stands out is also a crazy modern trend. Not just in the Arab world but across the globe.

Among all stones, high-quality marble, granite and sandstone top the demand list. So, going further, we have unfolded these popular stones with their best applications. Note them down to enhance your interiors with ultimate aesthetics!

White Stone

Bright white stone always creates spacious interiors which are an important element in the ArabicAmba White Marble For Commercial & Residential Projects design. One of the most popular is Amba White Marble that allows you to indulge in pure white beauty. It is a high-quality marble that has a white background with grey veins concentrated irregularly. For the living room, you can use the stone as marble flooring and wall cladding to elicit the space. This can be matched with bold colour upholstery for perfect balance. White marble tiles are widely used in mosques and other iconic buildings in the East.

On the granite side, there are Platinum White Granite and Imperial White Granite that prove to be a celebrity natural stone, especially inPlatinum White Granite the Middle East. As soon as you see the stone it grabs your attention. It boasts an ivory white base with tiny black spots and bigger grey and brown specks. Use the stone, for example, as granite floor tiles with a cream sofa set to unleash the artistic effect of your living room.

Green Stone

Emerald green is one of the intrinsic colours of a modern Arabic look. In Indian natural stones, we have the exact colour marble to liven up your home. Emerald green marble from Quality Marble Exports (India) is specially used to embellish interiors. It has a light green backdrop embedded with dark green veins that bring out a mystical pattern of tree branches. Thanks to its appearance, this stone is preferred in the creation of mosques and palatial homes.

Another best-seller in this category is Spider Green Marble. As the name suggests, it has Spider Green Marble Slabconspicuous white veins that run through a green backdrop like a spider’s web. Arabian interior design lavishly uses tiles and textiles of geometrical patterns. And this particular green marble tiles have a complicated geometrical appearance that can provide a unique look to any space. Use it as flooring or to accentuate a wall.

Brown Stone

Brown is one of those colours that instantly imparts warmth to space, particularly mild brown. Quality Marble Exports (India) has a variety of such stones that can proudly make any space stand out from the crowd. One of them is Botanic Brown Marble with off-white, brown and grey waves creating a stunning effect of a mountainous landscape. It is widely used for decorating interior walls and flooring.

For a bolder look, go for Tan Brown Granite that is most loved for kitchen countertops, granite floor tiles and wall cladding. The stone is nothing less than a gem that decorates interior aesthetics like no other. It apparently seems like manifold gems are emerging from the dark (dark brown base). Hence, it would be one of your best decisions to use the brown granite as an accent wall.

Yellow Stone

When Rainforest Yellow Marble is treated with a glossy finish, it spreads gold like sparkle. The stone has a fantastic yellowish gold background with various brown colour branches running unevenly.

Are you looking for a more seamless and refined look to have a gold dominating theme? Then Jaisalmer Yellow limestone is the ultimate choice. With a glossy finish, it can make your space glow.

Red Stone

Red Teakwood Sandstone with an elegant wavy pattern is a Red Teakwood Sandstone For Building & Home Decor popular stone in the Arab world. It naturally resembles wood - the material that is typically used in Arabian decor. This red sandstone can give you a wooden impression but with greater durability and a feel of sophistication.

Beige Colour

The light colour Dholpur Beige Sandstone is a lovely natural stone with uniform graining and colour tone. It is mostly used in distinct types of flooring applications. The stone has been used in ancient historical architecture. And even today it is a mass favourite for flooring designs in regal homes.

Many More Colours To Choose From Quality Marble Exports (India) Product List

Colors of Natural Stones That Can Be Found In Arab

As one of the high-quality marble suppliers and granite suppliers giant in the Arab countries, Quality Marble Exports (India) has a huge collection of distinct stone colours. Some of them not mentioned here are cream, blue, grey, pink and black.

One of the famous colour categories is black natural stones. Our best-sellers in this range are Black Galaxy Granite, Absolute Black Granite and Black Marquino. The demand for these stones is such that it makes us the leading black granite suppliers in the world.

We highly appreciate the concept of Arab interior design. And hence, we offer customised solutions for the traditional geometrical and mosaic patterns that represent Arabian spaces.

Get in touch with us and we’ll ensure each space in your home comes alive!