House Flooring Design Ideas That Will Become Center of Attraction In 2024 & Beyond

House Flooring Design Ideas That Will Become Center of Attraction In 2024 & Beyond

House flooring design trends keep changing as technology advances and offer new varieties, patterns, and textures. But there are also colors like white, gray, black, and blonde that have never been replaced. Wooden look, marble look, and decorative look have also stayed in the trend. 

The exciting thing is that each year comes with a little bit of a fresh twist. As long-established granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) unfold the modern flooring design ideas that will be popular among homeowners. 

House Flooring Design Ideas 

Vintage Black & White

You will see the comeback of black and white from the classic era in 2022. A chessboard look or a diamond pattern variation with alternate black and white tiles bring in nostalgic memories of the past—filling the house with retro aesthetics. 

Idea: For a pure vintage look you could choose either the Cudappa Black Natural Limestone or the fine-grained Jack Black Slate. Match it with Andy White Marble tiles for a lavish retro feel. 

Wooden Feel 

Wooden house flooring design isn’t something new. But if you replace it with natural stone tiles that give you a combination of luxury, comfort, and low maintenance, you might not resist it. Pattern floors like herringbone and chevron are a huge trend in wood flooring. 

Idea -  For an innovative and beautiful twist, you can opt for natural stone tiles and imitate the herringbone pattern. Rainbow Honed Yellow Sandstone with alternate Teak Honed Yellow Sandstone or Desert Teak Natural Sandstone will give a colorful and attractive look to your flooring. If you like it simple, choose one of them. 

Math Magic 

You might have seen pentagon, hexagon, or octagon-shaped tiles on accent pieces in the bathroom or backsplash in the kitchen. But in 2022, you would see these geometric decorations on the floor. Such patterns in modern flooring design fill the ambiance with vibes of energy and vitality.

Idea - To create hexagon tiles, you can use patterned tiles like
Imperial White Granite and enclose them with a thin boundary of plain yet darker tiles like New Tan Brown Granite or Royal Gold Granite

Earthy Tone 

There are a huge number of homeowners who love stepping foot on earthy tone flooring. Modern home flooring ideas that are simple and natural are not just going to stay in trend in 2022 but for the entire next decade. It's because earth hues evoke a sense of solace and security—many interior designers agree.

Idea -
Kota Honey Natural Limestone is a homeowner-favorite natural stone with random dark brown streaks and patterns. Using this stone will bring in the coziness of the sand and earth. If you like a bit bolder tone, Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone is a popular choice for interior flooring. A mixture of warm brown, cool brown, and bronze brings out a natural feel. 

Enchanting Nature 

The year 2022 and beyond will primarily focus on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and green living. Interiors designed using this concept will include recyclable construction/decoration materials, the green color (for the feel of nature), and green indoor plants. Any natural stone is a 100% recyclable material and therefore sustainable than many other materials abundantly used today. 

Idea - One slab of a
Rain Forest Green Marble is a complete forest in itself. It has brown veins that imitate the tree branches, it has microscopic leafy patterns and the fresh green hues of a forest. Installing huge tiles across a flooring would bestow a room with a magical and mystical feeling.

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