How To Achieve Modern Arabic Interior Design—With Ease

How To Achieve Modern Arabic Interior Design—With Ease

Modern Arabic interior design may have evolved in different manners. But its roots are strongly grounded in the traditional middle eastern interior design. The modern counterpart is a delightful blend of eastern and western styles—defining the new generation’s lifestyle. 

The modern Arabic home design style takes a lot of things into account from the layout and colour scheme to the furniture. Yet, many homeowners wish to embrace the subtle and luxurious middle eastern design—without getting into too much detail. 

So, here is a brief look into how you can implement the modern Arabic interior design in your home easily. 

Top 5 Salient Features of Modern Arabic Home Design

1. Colour Scheme 

The modern middle eastern interior design mimics a warm and neutral colour palette with a hint of bold hues in subtle yet strategic areas. The bold colours are used as tiny accents in design elements such as arches or mirrors, side tables, cushions, miniature decoration pieces etc. 

Neutral colours such as beige, cream, brown, gold, taupe, grey, black and white are commonly used. Considering black as a bold colour, it is used only as an accent colour in small places. And if you love incorporating more bold colours go with the Moroccan style—it uses red, blue and green hues rather abundantly. 

The colour choices you make determine the complete look and feel of your home. If you love a subtle and peaceful interior where you can relax and unwind, a 100% neutral colour scheme is the best choice. And if coming home and feeling energetic and lively is your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to play with more bold colours. 

2. Natural Materials 

The use of natural and organic-looking materials is one of the salient features of the Arabic interior design style. It gives your home a down-to-earth ambience while also making it look luxurious and elegant. One of the most extensively used materials includes natural stones such as marble tiles and granite tiles

If you love ultimate luxury, high-quality Spider Green Marble tiles are one of the best options. But if you are giving more emphasis on the strength and toughness of the stone, consider going with granite such as one of the most popular Imperial White Granite tiles. For instance, installing the right kind of marble flooring or a granite accent wall in the living area could give your home a touch of Middle Eastern design.  

3. Arches

Arabic home design introduces a plethora of arch styles that can be implemented not just indoors but also windows. You can also use the Islamic architectural style as a wall centrepiece with a contemporary touch. Arched openings are known to enhance a sense of grandeur which takes your memories back to the lavish Arabian Night’s settings. 

Islamic arches are categorised into four main styles including:

  • Pointed: Arch with a tapered apex
  • Ogee: Composed of two s-shaped lines that join at the apex just like the pointed style
  • Horseshoe: The crown of the arch is rounded with widened or narrowed sides
  • Multifoil: Consists of several tiny arches at the apex resulting in a scalloped shape 

4. Iwans 

Iwan is a square niche outside an arch in Middle Eastern interior design. Mostly, this feature is used as an entranceway into a larger, more elegant space. You will commonly find Iwans in Mosques and Madrasas in the Middle East. Using iwan in a residential setting can prove to be a major standout design element. You can use the feature in your living area and merge it with modern home elements.

5. Calligraphy 

Calligraphy is an important artistic practice of handwriting in Islamic design. It is achieved using Arabic alphabets or the alphabets derived from the Arabic language. Persian, Ottoman and Urdu are some of these derived languages.  

Calligraphy carved on natural stone is one of the most magnificent design elements you could incorporate in your Arabic house design. For example, a Onyx White Marble tiles accent wall in your living area could have the calligraphy art carved on it. This way you can enhance the sense of Arabic culture in your home. 

How Quality Marble Exports (India) Can Help You Create Arabic Home Design

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