Natural Stone Tile Ideas From Famous Hotels Of The Middle East

Natural Stone Tile Ideas From Famous Hotels Of The Middle East

The allure of natural stone is something that architects and interior designers have been embracing for decades. It has become commonplace in interior design especially in major five-star hotels around the world. Granite tile, marble tiles, and slate tiles have features that can turn an ordinary space into a sophisticated interior space. But what else makes these natural stones the top choice for luxury hotel interior designs?

In a world that is run by trends, choosing natural stone decor crafts will always be timeless. Moreover, they can be adopted in any theme either traditional or contemporary. Secondly, they are easy to maintain and can withstand high levels of abuse. Lobby areas, bathroom and kitchen are prone to wear and tear but with stone pieces such issues are foregone. The uniqueness of natural stones makes them visually appealing. You will never find any two stones that are the same. The diversity of the patterns and designs make it possible to design a hotel exclusively.

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the largest granite suppliers in the Middle East. In this article, we have compiled some of the famous hotels in the region that have adopted the best practices to flaunt marble tiles, granite tile and slate tiles.

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1. Mandarin Oriental, Doha

The Mandarin Oriental is located at the heart of Msheireb in Doha. The hotel group behind this luxury hotel is renowned for designing spaces that reflect a sense of serenity and are unique. This hotel has embraced the use of marble tiles starting from the lobby to the rooms and bathrooms. At the lobby, you cannot fail to notice the use of polished black marble countertops amid the brass. Each room in the hotel is designed to give a sense of traditional Qatar by mixing different elements. This ranges from the accent walls to the mosaic design and the attractive marbles tiles in every bathroom space.

2. Ritz Carlton, Dubai

Sophisticated And Luxurious Marble Tiles In Ritz Carlton Hotel

As one of the major five-star hotels in Dubai, the Ritz Carlton interior design is Venetian inspired. The lighting is attractive especially at night but the interior decor is stunning in every room. The marble tile bathrooms against wooden accent walls are appealing. The overall look is one that never goes out of style. The combination of wood and natural stone is an incredible approach to achieve sophistication and luxury in aesthetics.

3. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This $3 billion luxury hotel is a sight to behold. The designers went an extra mile by ensuring that all the surfaces were covered in marble and gold. This includes the tiled dome above the lobby areas. The Anantara spa which is designed in Arabian style also emblems gold mosaic and white marble tiles in its serene environment. Thirteen different marble suppliers were contracted for this project.

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4. Le Gray, Beirut, Lebanon

Popularly known as Paris in the Middle East, Beirut is one of the top tourist attractions. The sleek modern Le Gray Hotel is home to over 500 works of art. There are 87 rooms with suites that enforce the use of cedar timber. Moreso, they have embraced blue and lilac colour schemes along with charcoal grey granite tile in the bathrooms. The combination of colours and materials look stunning.

5. Qasr Al Sharq, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The many flavours of the Arabian Gulf inspired the overall look of Qasr Al Sharq. Although there are inspirations from other countries such as Morocco and Egypt. Gold and red are the main colours that adorn the hotel. Yet the marble flooring embraces different colours to create a unique mosaic. Quality Marble Exports (India) offers customization to emulate such marble flooring in your home as well.

6. Mardan Palace, Antalya, Turkey

Resilient And Longest-lasting White Marble Tiles

Technically and geographically speaking, the Mardan Palace is not located in the Middle East. Rather in the Southwestern part of Turkey. However, it doesn't go without saying that it's the most luxurious hotel in the region. The architectural design is a product from different countries including Egypt and Italy. For instance, it applied 23,000m² of marble tiles from marble suppliers of Italy. Each room is decorated using white marble with golden faucets that give a spa-like feeling.

7. Al Bustan Palace, Muscat, Oman

Apart from the Omani dressed doormen who welcome you at the hotel, the marble tile lobby and chandelier centrepiece will grace your welcome. The famous Six Senses Spa has a wide range of treatments for relaxation. It is arched on natural stone walls where water trickles down in a traditional theme Omani set up.

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The intricate and eye-catching marble tiles and granite tile application in luxury hotels is a rare art that requires diligence and the finest skills. With decades of experience with natural stones, Quality Marble Exports can help achieve the same kind of interiors.

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