Imperial White Granite: What Are Its Applications & Finishes?

Imperial White Granite Slabs & Tiles in Different Finishes

Imperial White Granite is prized for its luxurious white base covered with grey and pink veins. The stone’s neutral tones bestow it with a gentle look that easily imparts a sense of calmness to its immediate ambience. Apart from diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, it is the hardest natural stone on Earth. It owes its popularity to its beauty, durability, and high resistance to weather elements.

Granite suppliers recommend Imperial White Granite tile as it brings an intrinsic value to any project it enhances. This stain proof, dustproof, smooth stone is practically maintenance-free. Hence, it is favoured to enhance the aesthetic appeal of indoors as well as outdoors. Explore the different applications of Imperial White Granite and know which finish suits which space!

Applications of Imperial White Granite Tile

The Imperial White Granite is durable as a building material for its unique properties. It is durable as a worktop material due to variations in finishes, thickness, and investment value. The natural stone is available as both tiles and slabs to suit different applications indoors and outdoors. This eco-friendly material provides a resale value to properties. Its finishes lend a vintage look to homes.

Interior Walls

Granite walls can hugely transform your interiors and create a massive visual impact. Homeowners can play with a creative mix of this versatile material to create effects of their choice. Apart from bringing in a luxurious feel to all living spaces, granite tile is a good investment.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Imperial White Granite Slab

The kitchen is the heart of a home and the gathering place for the family members. Imperial White Granite tile is best to create stylish and functional backsplashes on kitchen walls requiring minimal maintenance. Full height backsplashes create a bold kitchen. Using large-size granite tile that comes in variations of polished, semi-polished and honed finishes can create variations in design.

Kitchen Countertops

White Granite Kitchen Countertops For A Graceful Ambience

Homeowners prefer the polished Imperial White Granite for kitchen countertops primarily for its shiny and smooth textured surface. The polished finish lets you do the cooking activities flawlessly. And it easily gets cleaned due to its smooth surface.

Bathrooms Walls

Imperial White Granite walls offer unique and exotic looks, durability, and strength to bathrooms. Bathroom walls are prone to bacterial growth and water damage. Hence, you can apply the granite tile for maximum benefit. You can also use cutter size slabs suitable for smaller bathrooms and gang saw granite slabs for larger ones.

Living Room

The living room is the face of a home. It is both a place to welcome guests and set an impression. The area also offers a larger canvas to show your decor trends with a varied choice of granite tile. Use them on your staircase, as flooring, or around window sills. Granite suppliers recommend the granite floor tiles combined with dark colours to create attractive flooring and an investment for a lifetime.

Using granite tile around window sills can make them durable. The material prevents moisture, intrusion, brings durability, and makes it easy to clean. If you would like to choose a common finish for stairs, floors and window sills, the bush-hammered finish is the choice to go with.

Exterior Walls

Imperial White Granite’s resistance capability towards moisture, fire, sound, and ultraviolet rays make it a loved material for the exteriors. It is suitable for high traffic areas as it also stands the test of time against scratches and moulds. Wall cladding can be very aesthetic as well as functional if done in a honed finish granite tile. For maximum impact, cladding should match with the exterior floor tiles.

Exterior Paving

Durable Imperial White Granite Exterior Pavement

Granite provides a gleaming surface due to its chemical and physical properties. Designers suggest combining flamed finish granite tile with honed ones for borders. It is a sensible choice for high traffic areas as it avoids accidents. In addition, the strength of the stone and the properties of a honed finish make it a perfect landing spot for heavy objects. A flamed finish is also a very good choice when you are looking for optimum non-slipperiness.

The Look And Feel Of Different Imperial White Granite Finishes

You might know the physical benefits of each finish. But do you know how exactly Imperial White Granite’s look and feel changes with different finishes? Let us show you!

Polished White Granite Slab For Vibrant Interiors

Polished - This type of granite finish gives a mirror-like shine. The surface becomes flawless and the colours become richer and darker. In the case of Imperial White, the grey and pink veins become more crisp and vibrant. Due to this, it is considered amongst the most popular granite finishes

Semi-polished - As the name suggests, semi-polish granite finish in Imperial White will be less conspicuous than its polished counterpart.

Honed - Honed granite finish imparts a low sheen and appears like a

Honed White Granite Finish For A Unique Interior Look

matte surface. The feel of the surface of this granite finish is smooth and velvety. And it lacks a high degree of reflection seen in the polished stone.

Flamed - Imperial White with a flamed finish gives a dull appearance. The greyish character of the stone becomes the highlight. The surface for this granite finish is highly textured and rough.

Shot-blasted - Also known as the sandblasted granite finish, when Imperial White is treated with this finish, the grey and pink veins turn lighter than polished versions. And the stone is left with tiny craters that give a matte look but without sharp projections.

Bush-hammered - Imperial White in the bush-hammered granite finish appears rough with weathered texture. However, the stones overall appearance is more vibrant than the flamed version.

Imperial White Granite At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the leading Imperial White Granite suppliers and exporters. The natural stone is a favourite choice in the Middle East region, including Doha and Qatar. We extract this popular granite stone from our own quarries to provide our customers with bespoke solutions.

Imperial White Granite In Different Finishes

Imperial White Granite is available at the granite suppliers from India, Quality Marble Exports (India), in all the finishes discussed above. Tell your requirement, and we will customize this luxurious-looking stone to perfectly match your space. If you are looking for the best price and quality, get in touch with us!