What Are The Interior Design Colour Combination Trends For 2021?

Interior Design Color Combination Trends For Year 2021

It goes without saying that colour combinations play a crucial role in how your interiors look and feel. And so designers always follow defined colour schemes when choosing different colours to display in one room. Although these are some basic principles, the choice ultimately boils down to your personal taste.

Each year experts reveal the interior design trends. And so we, being the top marble suppliers and granite suppliers from India, are here with the colour combination trends that are most likely to rule in 2021.

#1 Beige & Turquoise

Dholpur Beige Natural Sandstone Used in Wall-cladding

Beige is a neutral colour that easily combines with any other shade or material you choose for your decor. Take, for example, the exterior wall cladding using Dholpur Beige Natural sandstone. The warm and earthy tone of the stone combined with a wooden door (in the image) seem to quickly adapt to each other in a seamless manner.

And with the beige background if you wish to pop up things consider combining it with turquoise colour. You can use this colour furniture in your living room or bedroom. It is a versatile and eye-catching colour that refreshes a conservative environment decorated in neutrals such as beige.

#2 White & Bright

Beautiful Stairs and Flooring With Pebble Black Granite

It goes without saying that any space splashed with white colour welcomes any amount of your inspiration and creativity. However instead of plain white if you choose the beauty of white granite such as River White Granite or Imperial White Granite, the look and feel multiply. This stone flaunts gentle grey waves on a white background that instantly attracts anyone. Consider using this as your granite flooring tiles and as one accent wall in your room.

The rest of the interior decor can have a splash of bright colours such as bright pink, blue, red or green colour furniture.

Perhaps, you can also paint your walls and ceiling white. And then decorate your flooring and staircase with Pebble Black Granite as in the image. This natural stone is a gem in itself with a blend of various tints including dark black, olive black and jet black that instantly pop up on a white background.

#3 Grey & Yellow

Another neutral colour that’s remaining a favourite in 2021 is grey. Grey combines really well with yellow as the illuminating partner. According to experts, this combination conveys a message of strength and hopefulness that feel enduring and uplifting.

For the ultimate positive ambience, consider painting your walls in grey. And combine it with Madurai Gold Granite. The yellow granite floor tiles reflect a striking yellow-brown shade with subtle black specks.

Or, if you would like to go another way round, paint your 3 walls in yellow and use Mercury Grey Marble for one accent wall. Although grey in colour, this natural stone has dynamic grey and black veining that adds to the energy of your space.

#4 Green & Purple

Green colour will stay in the trend for many reasons. It connects the mind with nature, feels soothing and positive and keeps your space looking fresh. And when you are combining green with purple, a new energy starts lifting up your ambience. This combination is stunningly bold and beautiful. However, too much of both colours in one space may spoil the look of the room.

Hence, consider an accent marble flooring using Fantasy Green Marble combined with delicate furniture. The green marble tiles reflect an earthy and neutral tone that feels soothing to the eye. And this shade of green combined with a purple tone can add a bold effect.

Top 3 Colour Scheme Trends

In simple words, a colour scheme is a defined way of choosing colours arranged on the colour wheel. If you wish to make colour combinations using your personal taste, these schemes can be a great guide.


Monochromatic Color Scheme For Interiors

The first one on the list is the monochromatic scheme. As the name indicates, it chooses one colour with different tones. Take, for example, dark pink and baby pink or dark blue and light blue. Both these colours are placed closer to each other on the colour wheel.

This type of design adds a seamless and soothing effect to your space. It looks neat, classy and elegant. And this is going to be a popular trend in 2021.


Analogous colours are placed right next to each other in the colour wheel. They may be different colours sharing the same hue. One of the best examples is red and orange. The use of this type of design ensures a harmonious and unifying effect that is pleasing to the eyes. Yet, if not used in the right manner space may end up looking boring. To avoid that you can add a contrasting colour to it. You can choose one dominating colour, another one as a support and the third


Complementary Color Scheme For Interior Designs one as an accent.

In this case, two completely different colours placed faraway on the colour wheel can be chosen as contrasts. Also known as the complementary colour scheme, this can make your interiors look exciting and eye-catching. Some of the best examples are red and green, yellow and violet or blue and orange. Using them in large amounts is a bit tricky. So, to make it work well you can add a splash of white.

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