5 Unique Ways To Create Luxurious Black & White Interiors With Marble And Granite

Decor The Black & White Interiors With Marble & Granite

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed the psychology behind black interiors. The full-black colour has the power to add a focal point that anchors and accentuates prominent architectural elements. When used alone, it looks stunning. But even when you use black with any other colour, its presence has a dynamic influence.

According to design experts, the most striking effect of black unveils when it is paired with white. Completely opposite shades create the spark and add drama to your interiors. Adding white makes way for a sense of airiness and balance.

And even if you are not a fan of complete monochrome interiors, the beauty of marble and granite tile can do wonders. Some of the black granite and white marble varieties have beautiful hints of other colours including brown, purple, red etc. This way you can fulfil your desire to have colourful hues while using the vigour of black and white.

Well, Quality Marble Exports (India) also has ideas for those who love pure monochrome rooms. Keep reading!

1. Black Paradiso & Andy White

Flooring can instantly become the centre of attraction in any room when you combine black granite floor tiles with white marble. For those who would like to off-track, Black Paradiso is an ideal stone. Brown and pink shade veins in a wavelike pattern run through the stone immersed in a burgundy backdrop.

On the other side, using Andy White Marble, you can set-off with its off-white crystalline base and pistachio-like graining.

Using the combination of the two natural stone tiles, you can lay them in alternating black and white squares. Or, you could choose Black Paradiso for an accent wall in your living room, and Andy White as the flooring. Both ways, it would set an amazing balance and elegance in the aesthetics.

2. Black Forest & Onyx White

If you are a fan of full sparkling black granite floor tiles and bright white Black Forest Granite Slab at Quality Marble Exports marble, we have the perfect combination for you too. The Black Forest is a granite stone of steely black background embellished with silver or golden tiny specks.

You can combine the stone with Onyx White Marble that displays a colourful white look. Thick yet light green colour bands move through the bright white background, giving off an elegant look.

Alternating both the stones for flooring in the checkered form can truly transform your space giving a bold monochrome look. From simple black granite and white marble stripes to complex patterns, you can add a coherent look while bestowing an inviting warmth to space.

3. Ash Black & Imperial White

Without too much black and too much white, you can add to your home the Exotic Imperial White Granite Slab For Enhanced Ambience contrasting effect of dark and light tones. The first one we are talking about is Ash Black Granite. This exotic stone is not fully black but the reflection of light tends to bring out its amazing hues, patterns and texture.

You can contrast the colour with Imperial White Granite which is popular for its neutral colour. Pinkish and greyish veins are spread throughout the stone on a light base.

To add a unique and bold effect to your living room, you could use Ash Black on one wall and Imperial White on the other. The light colour wall can serve as a perfect place for framed photographs or any artwork display.

Perhaps, you could use the former for your fireplace and cover the wall behind with the latter for an incredible decorative impact.

4. Black Galaxy & Alaska White

In a kitchen, where the kitchen countertops and backsplashes are the most vital features,Black Galaxy Granite Kitchen Countertop you easily turn them into the centre of striking attraction. One of the most impactful blends would be Black Galaxy Granite and Alaska White Granite.

The Black Forest has strong silvery streaks running on the black background. And the quite opposite of that is Alaska White which has grey streaks distributed unevenly on a white background.

How about using the dark granite as your backsplash and the light one as your countertop? You are sure to transform your kitchen into something extraordinary. Besides, you could use the same combination anywhere in your home - as per your unique ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

5. Mercury Black & Mercury White

If you are a pure marble enthusiast, we have similar contrasting combinations Mercury Black Marble Installed To Compliment Your Decor as above. Mercury Black Marble tiles with a deep black background and white and grey veins looks artistic in the look and feel. In contrast, comes the Mercury White Marble tiles that shows off black, brown and grey patterns on a white base.

If you blend both in a small space such as a bathroom, it can make the space look creative and sophisticated. Not too much of both, but the black marble could be used for your shower wall and the white marble could be used for your bathroom wall, marble flooring, vanity top or Jacuzzi.

This colour scheme can be elegant and comforting just like a relaxing spa. A little bit of attention to the accessories and fixtures used in the bathroom can truly amplify the combined effect.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - Gives You The Reason To Celebrate Your Interiors

Quality Marble Exports (India) as one of the leading granite and marble suppliers and exporters in India has been decorating homes for decades. Our beautiful collections of black granite tiles and white marble, or vice versa enables homeowners and commercial property owners to play around with different shades.

The Collection of Durable Natural Stones
The pure natural stones don’t limit yourself to using only pristine white and black in your room. It gives you the freedom to add in some colourful hints to create a diverse and appealing look. While these are very few combinations to consider, you can apply your creativity to beautify your interiors in a magnificent way.

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