Jaw-Dropping Waterfall Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Jaw-Dropping Waterfall Kitchen Island Design Ideas

If you want to invest in just one thing that can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen, look no further than a waterfall kitchen island. The design trend is increasingly becoming a homeowner's favourite everywhere.  

Whether you are looking to construct a brand new kitchen or planning for a remodel, this elegant addition will take your countertop to a whole new level. 

Read on to some of the amazing modern waterfall kitchen island ideas compiled by a leading granite countertop supplier, QM Exports (India). 

What is a Waterfall Kitchen Island?

The vertical extension of your countertop sides until the floor is called a waterfall kitchen island. You can choose from a plethora of designs considering the ambience and aesthetics of your kitchen. Thanks to the vareity of veining and pattern in granite, marble and other natural stones, you can bring new and unique modern waterfall island kitchen ideas into practice. This includes sheer beauty and elegance in their making. Their representation is so sleek and perfect that it mesmerizes people with every glance. 
Different island designs have different usage benefits and that is why they should be chosen by considering their respective qualities.

Benefits of Using Waterfall Kitchen Island Designs

Incredible Versatility of Designs

An immense amount of waterfall island designs are available in the market nowadays. Most of them are made of natural stones which enhances their versatile nature. So, people have a very huge scope of choice in this context for their kitchens. 

Looks Beautiful & Stands Out 

Great perfection and beauty is represented through these waterfall island designs. They easily become the centre of attraction even in the most high-end kitchen setting. 

More Durability Than Regular Islands 

The durability of a waterfall kitchen island is much more than the normal countertops. If you have wooden cabinets or drawers, it protects them from scratches, dents, and other abuses. 
Homeowners can bring incredible beauty to their kitchens and ultimately a great amount of energy & enthusiasm to their space. 

One-of-a-Kind Waterfall Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Adorable White Marble Look

Marble never stops mesmerizing us with its amazing and out-of-the-box uses. Structuring a captivating modern waterfall island kitchen is easily possible with natural stone. From the conspicous veining of Mercury White Marble to the subtle surface of Onyx White Marble, any choice in the range will add catch eyeballs. 

Fantasy Brown Marble Design for Fantastic Look

The combination of white walls goes amazingly with Fantasy Brown Marble. The stone shows off a cream, white, and brown veining that makes the whole kitchen look top-notch. Also, this combination hides dirt and doesn’t bother you with cleaning every now and then. Install this in your kitchen according to its interior and see the creativity and energy it brings to your space. 

Neutral Themed Kitchen Designs

If you are confused about which theme can go amazingly with the colour of your countertop, then choosing a neutral themed island design for your kitchen is the go-to choice. Imperial White Granite is one of the varieties that blend well with a majority of kitchen interiors. Thanks to its subtle and soothing look that oozes out with its light pink and grey veins. Whether you have a light or dark colour setting, consider this granite as one of the best choices.  

This way, you can bring something different to your kitchen and mesmerize yourself and your family every time you enter the space. The sight of a gorgeous waterfall island in your kitchen is enough to destress you after a hectic day. 

Let Us Personalize Your Waterfall Kitchen Island

The incredibility of the waterfall kitchen island ideas has now spread all over the world because of its amazing performance and quality. Using this type of island made of natural stone not just elevates the look, but also significantly increases the property value.

QM Exports (India) has years of extensive experience and expertise in crafting seamless waterfall islands that match your requirements. We take every little detail of your dream countertop into consideration so that you receive the product exactly as you imagined. 

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and workmanship, we offer islands in custom size, shape, colour, texture, pattern, and edge.