5 Expert Kitchen Design Tips To Lit Your Cooking World

What Elements Should Be Considered While Designing A Kitchen?

A kitchen is a place to satisfy all your senses! So, you definitely want to have a great kitchen where you can relish cooking and eating with your family and friends. By a great kitchen, we mean the expert kitchens with modern aesthetics and amenities, that are not just attractive but also functional. When professionals design a kitchen, they begin with planning the kitchen layout, that matters the most. This helps optimise movement and accessibility throughout the space while enhancing its ability to use it as a multifunctional area.

Achieving a safe and family-friendly kitchen is another vital element of the design. For example, a slip-resistant marble flooring that also imparts an earthy look, a granite tile wall cladding that minimises maintenance, or a rounded countertop made of marble tiles are some of the design ideas you could consider.

Some of the popular granite varieties for kitchen countertops are Imperial White Granite, Sierra Grey Granite and Paradiso Classic Grey Granite. These countertops can give a whole different look to your kitchen.

Likewise, there are a plethora of expert kitchen design tips that can create a healthy and happy kitchen. Let us explore the best tips that come from different kitchen designers across the world!

Make Your Kitchen Work Triangle Work For You

When you are preparing or cooking food, your major focus is on the cooktop, the refrigerator and the sink, together known as the ‘kitchen work triangle’. Imagine for a second, the position of the work triangle in your kitchen. Does it allow you to move freely around the space while cleaning and cooking? Does it give enough space so that two people can cook together without knocking into each other? Or does it give you a feeling of being squeezed? A nicely-planned kitchen layout reflects these points and makes sure that the kitchen work triangle allows you to move and work freely. Hence, ensures that the traffic through the kitchen does not interfere with food preparation.

Furthermore, depending on your likes and requirements you could also think about incorporating a kitchen work triangle that doesn’t make you walk around more. If space in between the triangle feels like being wasted, you could perhaps incorporate a kitchen island.

Allow Good Room For Storage

Homeowners often miss out on considering enough storage during the planning stage. But expert designers work this out very well. They suggest the best possible design by considering every nook and cranny of the space. For example, instead of installing overhead cabinets with a gap on top that collects dust, you can have cabinetry that touches the ceiling. This not just minimises the cleaning but also makes the room look more spacious and modern. Besides, having deep drawers with easier access to pots and pans and space for storage of appliances (otherwise stuffing the countertop space) can reduce the outside clutter. However, there needs to be a good balance when enhancing storage.

Focus On The Kitchen Island

Countertops act as a focal point of any kitchen and their appearance can lift your cooking experience. While choosing make sure to opt for the material which is durable and resists stains and spills. Marble and Granite are the best picks for installing as a Kitchen Island. We are one of the largest marble suppliers from Udaipur and offer a wide range of marble and granite.

Brighten Up The Kitchen In The Right Way

How Lighting Installations Can Add To The Beauty of Kitchen Countertops? One of the most common issues with overhead lights in the kitchen is the position. While you are preparing a meal, these lights brighten the space behind you while casting a shadow on the workspace under the overhead cabinets. Hence, one of the best ideas is to have under-cabinet lights that shine directly on the countertop - your workspace.

If you are trying to get the most out of your kitchen that fully shines up during sunlight, try shifting your kitchen island or the dining table towards the windows. That will allow you to have a wonderful outside view while eating or preparing food. Perhaps, a shiny marble countertop could enhance the beauty twofold.

Cool pendant lights over kitchen islands are an amazing option when your kitchen lacks natural light. These also act as a beautiful decorative element with a classic appearance.

Creating A Multifunction Kitchen

Multifunctional Kitchen With Modern Amenities As modern designers are coming up with dramatic ideas, the significance of the kitchen has greatly shifted from being just a place for cooking. It has become more versatile in terms of entertaining and relaxing as well as cooking. Hence, to achieve such as multifunction space, the aesthetics and amenities are designed to be open and welcoming. So, you can simultaneously cook, chat, and have a family dinner party in the kitchen.

For this, experts recommend having a kitchen island with a seating arrangement where a member of the family or guests can relax, socialise and eat together around the island - without interrupting the work triangle.

One of the most important things before setting out to renovating a kitchen is to create a spectacular space. Natural stone flooring options, such as granite floor tiles, with a modern kitchen island, is also a great choice that never goes unnoticed. Expert advice to choose one focal point in your kitchen and incorporate other elements that complement the specific area. For instance, you could go for an attractive granite wall cladding installed behind the kitchen countertops and make that the focal point of the overall design plan. The leading granite suppliers offer white granite, black granite and many other colours.

While doing this, expert designers also suggest the kitchen should look like it is part of your home. It shouldn’t appear as an isolated space while you enter the room. It should mark the consistency of aesthetics.

Share these kitchen design tips with your professionals and make your kitchen design a success!

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