Quality Marble Exports (India): Going Global

Global Natural Stone Suppliers For Commercial & Residential Projects

Over the years, since its establishment, Quality Marble Exports (India) has built a reputation as one of the largest suppliers of natural stones. From our engagement in mining and processing to export, we are committed to fulfilling quality and customer satisfaction. Further, our ability to offer competitive prices and on-schedule delivery has helped us extend our footprints across the globe.

We deal in premium quality marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, quartzite, exotic stones, stone crafts and monuments. Our collection of the highest quality natural stones comprises unique varieties in colour, texture and finish. Each of our product and service is meticulously tailor-made to fit any requirements. We offer innovative design options to the architectural and design community, commercial building owners, builders, developers and homeowners.

Be it indoors or outdoors, on floors, walls, roofs, around pools, in gardens or as part of designer landscaping, we offer natural stones to intensify the beauty of any space. From the depth and durability of granite, the elegance of marble, the exotic charm of limestone and the pure brilliance of sandstone, the colour combinations and patterns they reflect bring a dramatic change to aesthetics. Whether you desire a look and feel of the classic era or modern times, we have enough choices to make you feel spoilt for choice.

Through our products, we have always ensured quality and purity that beautifully stands the test of time.

Our Global Reach (Our Global Reputation As Natural Stone Suppliers From India)

We, as leading natural stone exporters from India have succeeded in establishing happy client relationships, beyond borders. Following is a list of targeted markets where we have achieved a degree of excellence in delivering exceptional products and services. We have supplied many thousands of square metres of natural stone to a broad range of projects - both large and small.

The Middle East

The region owns ancient quarries of limestone, especially dolomite and marble. Sandstone is also found in some places. With hundreds of infrastructure projects underway, demand for natural stone is rapidly rising in the Middle East. This has paved the way for the rising popularity of Indian Granite, Marble and Sandstone.

Quality Marble Exports (India) has delivered a wide range of natural stones across the Middle East. For example, we have supplied premium quality marble to Wataniya Tower and Farwaniya hospital in Kuwait. The Dar-El Salwa in Kuwait is a classic example of the beauty of our Indian Pink Dholpur sandstone and Beige Sandstone.

The United Kingdom

The UK is home to one of the most ancient architectures of natural stone. The country has a great taste for the use of quality natural stones in buildings. In fact, many stone quarries are found in the UK. South-west England and Scotland are known for producing granite. Whereas, limestone prevails in South England. Sandstone is more a part of the northern region.

Worcester City Centre in the UK displays a beautiful example of an old pathway renovated into a robust pavement with a modern touch. Shotblasted Desert Camel Quartzite from Quality Marble Exports (India) has been installed here.


The Great Pyramids of Egypt have used massive limestone and granite blocks from nearby quarries - which are operational even today. Ethiopia, another targeted market of Quality Marble Exports (India) has quarries of marble, granite, and soapstone. Limestone, especially Calcitic predominates in the Jurassic Antalo and the Hamanle Series. Quality Marble Exports (India) has been exporting high-quality marble, granite and other stones to different cities in Ethiopia and Egypt.

Also, we have a huge customer base in East Russian Countries, Gulf countries, UAE, the US, Vietnam, and Turkey. With the highest quality natural stones, we have offered a huge array of aesthetic possibilities.

Top-selling Products at Quality Marble Exports (India)

White Granite

This range of natural stone is specifically used to embellish indoors or outdoors. The eye-catching colour blends and patterns seamlessly transform a space. Take, for example, the Imperial White Granite tile.  The granite floor tiles are extremely popular among homeowners due to their pleasant bluish-white background unevenly covered with grey and black lines. Quality Marble Exports (India), as superior-quality granite exporters from India, offer uniquely cut Alaska White Granite for flooring and wall cladding.

Green Marble

Quality Marble Exports (India)’s premium-quality Green Marble is high in demand across the Middle East region. The soothing shades of green add an earthy touch to any space while fantasising about your experience. One such variety that quickly comes to mind is Fantasy Green Marble. The marble tiles reflect earthy neutral tones producing a natural atmosphere around them. Being the reputed marble suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) has been extensively manufacturing green marble to meet global demand.

Black Marble

Black coloured natural stone is an ultimate addition to your space when elegance is your desire. And when it comes to elegance, what could be better than Black Marble. It has a high reputation for being glamorous, sophisticated and out of the ordinary. Quality Marble Exports (India) offers premium-quality Black Marble such as the Maharaja Black customised for different applications. These include kitchen countertops, walls, marble flooring, paving, ornamental stone and monuments.

Black Granite

Black Granite For Interiors & Exteriors

Black granite is another big name among natural stone enthusiasts. Apart from being visually appealing, it is durable enough to endure a lifetime with elegance. For instance, Absolute Black Granite adorns interiors and exteriors without fading away for at least a few decades. There are many more incredible varieties to choose from - at Quality Marble Exports (India).

Grey Granite

A perfect combination of black and white gives you a striking grey tone. Grey Granite is the result of such masterpieces created by nature. One of the best-sellers at Quality Marble Exports (India), the Nurelle grey granite justifies this with its colour tones and patterns. Whether you wish for luxurious interiors or a robust outdoor pathway, the Grey Granite is ideal to bring your dream come true.

Pink Sandstone

Nothing can match the look and feel offered by Pink Sandstone. It gracefully generates a soulful aura around it while being extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. The world-famous Dholpur Pink Sandstone, for example, has lived up to the expectations of our clients for decades.

As the leading exporter of natural stone, Quality Marble Exports (India) has earned great esteem and honour from our international customer base. And hence, to keep up with the expectation, we constantly strive to deliver the quality, price and beauty or ultimate value.