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Are you tired of seeing the same boring decor styles in your home over and over again? Then how about adding high-quality marble or granite craft to create excitement in the atmosphere?

We know some have a penchant for vibrant contemporary home decor. Others wish to go back in time to feel the old-style warmth. And so, at Quality Marble Exports (India), we have an array of products that can live up to your expectations. Over three decades, we have mastered the art of quarrying, crafting and installing natural stones. This has led us to be known as one of the best-selling marble and granite suppliers worldwide.

Our passion is to bring out the innate beauty of stone through artisanal craftsmanship. No matter what the scale or complexity of your project is, we have the colour, texture, pattern - and ideas - for every room. So, go ahead and pick your favourites from our popular product list!

For Contemporary Abundance

Marble is always the choice when homeowners desire the modern look. But to perk up any space, you can go beyond using the stone for bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

False Wall

In your living room, you can add a two-tonne thick marble slab as the focal point. Alaska White excels Alaska White Slabsin this application with its intriguing veining pattern. Covering half the wall with the slab/tile is enough to energise the space. You can also use this idea to divide the sitting area from an adjacent kitchen.

Or if you have neutral interiors, use Crystal Blue Granite or Imperial White Granite tile. The stone transmits a sense of calmness, confidence and connection to the interiors.


Royal Cream Granite For Interiors & Exteriors

If you have a carpet covering your staircase consider removing it. Instead, use the Royal Cream Granite to complement monochromatic space. The stone shines even in high traffic areas.

Bottom Step

Alternatively, you can also add a Carbon Black Marble
block as the bottom step of your staircase. It will act as a captivating feature that will undoubtedly win your heart.

Back To Old-Style Elegance

If you love the old-style interiors then there is probably the natural stones that could help you achieve that look.

Ashlar Stone Wall

Nothing could make you feel more natural than Ashlar stone. The stone is finely cut and worked until Nurelle Grey Granite Slabsseveral individual squares/rectangles are carved within a single slab. It has an astounding texture that could capture anyone’s attention. Nurelle Grey Granite slab is one of the perfect options to build an Ashlar stone wall. It can almost fit in every setting. Use it as a floor-to-ceiling accent wall in the hallway. Or, in the bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere. Still not satisfied? Use it as the fireplace surround.

Rustic Flooring

Similar to the wall, you can have marble flooring with an antique finish. Take, for example, a Millenium Grey Marble surrounded with dark decor or Royal Red Granite to get the room’s energy moving. The etched stone surface with square edges brings the old-style fashion back in style. And the veining in each marble tiles or granite tile tends to give your space an elegant and organic look.

Coffee Table

Fantasy Brown Marble For Kitchen Countertops & Bathroom Applications

Nowadays, putting a thick block of premium quality marble or any other natural stone as a centre table is a trend. In your living room, you can add a huge marble or granite block as a coffee table. To get more unique, add four blocks stacked to form the centre table. For this, you can combine Fantasy Brown Marble blocks with Ash Black Granite in contrast with dark mid-century furniture.

Miniature Magnificence Of High-Quality Marble & Granite

As per interior designers, the year 2020 and beyond will see a more luxurious twist in natural stone applications. Miniature decor accents such as the following will become the trend.


Brighten up your room with a handcrafted lamp lighting fixture made of marble. Choose white beauty that will feel fresh and timeless, as strongly believed by designers.

VaseDecorative Marble Vase

Similarly, you can add a natural stone vase to enhance the look of your natural flowers and the entire space.


Marble candleholders can serve as the jewels of your fireplace mantle, tabletop or kitchen countertops. You can choose from a variety of colours to brighten the space. But this marble stands out to mimic colourful shine.

Chess Board

Are you a chess fan? Then why not play the royal way. Natural stone chess boards are ultimate eye-catchers. Besides using it to play, they can also serve as a unique decor element when placed in the living room.

Miniature Sculptures

Place handcrafted stone sculptures anywhere in your home to make the space more enticing.

While premium quality marble and granite are the most commonly used natural stones, others including slate, limestone and sandstone also have unparalleled existence. Limestone and slate are soft natural stones that can easily mould into any shape. Whereas sandstone offers the durable beauty of ancient architecture. Use natural stones depending on the demand of the application and you are sure to create a masterpiece for yourself.

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At Quality Marble Exports (India), we are committed to serving as premium-quality natural stone exporters with a huge collection. We believe our products and expertise are meant to capture your attention. And hence, we have stones for all manner of projects. Whether it is the finish, the edge profile or the overall craftsmanship, our high-quality marble and granite stones have set examples worldwide.

Tell us your plans and we will ensure you get to the core of every detail that enhances the beauty of your space!