The Psychology Behind Black Interiors: All Black Granite & Marble

Sophisticated Black Granite And Marble Interiors Reflecting A Visual Contrast

Have you ever wondered how the colours of your interiors affect the way you feel, think, and act? Certain colours make you happy and energetic while others have a tranquillizing effect on your mind. Consciously, you may not be feeling the changes so distinctively. However, your mind knows it all! And so colours form the foundation of any interior design.

One such powerful colour that also tops the list of many expert designers and architects across the world is black! The characteristic depth that black evokes is unmatchable. Interestingly, when homeowners wish to add the touch of sophistication and luxury to this depth - they opt for black marble or black granite. Black marble tiles with eternal depth and aristocratic quality reflect royalty. It’s a classic choice for high-end interiors and versatile to blend with any other colour.

Black granite radiates a similar beauty, but with a tougher look. The use of this natural stone goes back to the time of the Egyptians. They used the polished version to catch the dazzling effect of the Sun. Not to mention, they also used it for the durability and weather-resistant properties of the stone. For modern interiors, there is so much more a black marble and/or black granite can do. Read on to know!

Black As The Accent

Black is mostly used as an accent colour in homes. Its presence comes out amazingly when it is Polished Platinum White Granite Inserts For a Chequered Finishperfectly balanced with other colours such as the polished Platinum White Granite (as seen in the corresponding image). Full-black interiors can instantly make the space overwhelming and gloomy. Because, psychologically, black gives the feeling of darkness, drama, and mystery. And too much of it can be depressing.

Hence, when you wish to use an all-black granite-like Absolute Black, it goes perfect with a light or neutral background. For instance, you can use the granite tile on a single wall, keeping others in light colours. This brings a modern touch even to traditional homes.

The Beauty Of Black Borders
Royal Black Marble Borders To Compliment Your Decor

The minimalist accent of black borders is unrivalled. Using it on the walls or flooring can instantly enhance the visual impact of other colours used in combination. For example, Carbon Black Marble tiles bordered around white or beige natural stone can unfold a different level of aesthetics.

Black borders on the flooring help in defining the space and adding contrast against lighter stones. You can also use a black granite border for your fireplace surround to add a striking impact.

The Finish Matters

The different types of finishes used in natural stones are most noticeable on black stones.

Polished Black
Polished Black Galaxy Granite Slab For Enhanced Ambience

Be it black marble tiles or black granite tile, when the stone is polished it reflects enhanced vibrancy and shine. Polished granite or marble is a great choice for accent walls, artefacts and decorative embellishments. This is the most characteristic finish that reflects light and objects like mirrors.

If you wish for polished tiles, the choice you make matters. For example, Black Galaxy Granite tile flaunts a black background with silver and golden shiny flakes distributed throughout. If this natural stone is polished, the beauty of the silver and gold flakes on black amplifies a thousand times.

Honed Black
Honed Black Pearl Granite For Rustic Interiors

On the other hand, honed black granite or marble has an almost non-reflective surface. Yet, it still holds a bit of the original lustre. This finish on a black stone is smooth and reflects light to a limited extent.

Black Pearl Granite that shows off a metallic silver effect with black base and silver spots looks excellent when honed. If you want to bring out the smooth texture with less shine, this can be the best pick for your space.

7 Wonderful Benefits Of Adding Black To Interiors

  1. 1. Sets a feeling of intimacy to open-plan rooms

Using black granite floor tiles or marble walls in living areas with an open-plan design sets a feeling of closeness. A single black wall in this open space creates a cosier ambience.

  1. 2. Defines A Space

A black wall between an open living area and dining area signals a transition and sets a demarcation effect.

  1. 3. Enhances white, silver or red accents

Black and white, black and silver, and black and red are classic combinations. For instance, if you are placing red furniture in front of a black wall, the effect of red multiplies. The same is the effect with white and silver that casts a timeless spell on your interior.

  1. 4. Lowers high ceiling

If you want to add visual cosiness in a room with a high ceiling, a black wall can do it easily.

  1. 5. Excellent reason to add luxury

When you wish to add a touch of luxury, a plain white or black marble flooring can do wonders.

  1. 6. Keeps the space warm in winters

An all-black wall or granite floor tiles absorb heat more than any other colour. This effect of black helps to some extent in keeping the indoors warmer in winters.

  1. 7. Adds a visual frame to applications

If you are using a black border on walls, fireplace, bathtubs, etc. it brings out a visual frame that looks appealing.

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