QM India Natural Stones That Can Give Your Home an Interesting Twist!

QM India Natural Stones That Can Give Your Home an Interesting Twist!

Natural stone possesses innate excellence and elegance that makes it compulsively attractive. Its ancient existence justifies its qualities of permanence. If you wish to bring home a timeless beauty that never ages, natural stone is the name. 

Every variety is painted by nature with diverse colours, vivid patterns and grainy textures. The way natural stone evolves over millions of years is the dramatic period that transforms into a magnificent story when it embraces your home. 

So, whether you wish to create a rustic haven or turn your home into a contemporary abode, marble stone design and others tend to be the top choice. 

Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the largest granite suppliers around the world, brings you some natural stone ideas that can give your home a dramatic twist!

Jodhpur Beige Sandstone + Onyx White Marble (Beige & Off-White Interiors) 

As you can see in the image, a combination of beige and off-white in a room looks classy and brings elegance and simplicity. It is one of the latest trends among homeowners. Both the colours keep the space neutral and add a bit of warmth. 

The first stone in this category is Jodhpur Beige Sandstone with a beige background and translucent purple stripes. And the next one is Andy White Marble with an off-white base and pistachio coloured patterns. You can use both stones interchangeably for an accent wall, flooring or a tabletop as per your design requirements. 

Onyx White Marble + Silver Grey Natural Slate (White & Grey Interiors)  

 White ceiling, white walls, and grey flooring are other trendy suggestions. The colour pair blends in smoothly with Scandinavian style. The image clearly shows that both colours—although muted—need not fade in the background. Together they can create a refreshing atmosphere in your home. But make sure you keep more white and less grey—balanced as in the image. Plus, the brown countertop adds in a pinch of interest. 

In the natural stone category, you could opt for a marble stone design accent wall using Onyx White Marble tiles. The stone has a pure white background and a light green floral pattern. Pair it with Silver Grey Natural Slate flooring to get the image look. 

Kota Honey Natural (Earthy Interiors)

 Imagine the earthy stone accent wall is missing in the image. How would the space look? The right combination of materials, colours, and furniture can create the perfect earthy interiors which lie between rustic and modern styles. A small patch of earthy stone accentuates a space with a sense of relaxation and makes you feel close to nature.  

One of the best options we have for such a look is Kota Honey Natural Yellow Limestone. The popular stone has random light to dark brown patterns with a hint of yellow. The highly durable properties of the Kota stone make it versatile for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. You could also use Kota stone flooring in your interiors to create a connection with the old era. 

Crystal Brown Granite + Fantasy Brown Marble (Light & Dark Brown Interiors) 

Be it any shade of brown, the colour is strongly associated with resilience, dependability, and security. These together become the characters of comfortable living space. Light brown adds a cosy warmth and dark brown complements it with a dynamic and sophisticated presence. 

Firstly, if you are looking to choose the down-to-earth pair for your kitchen, consider Crystal Brown Granite for your backsplash. The stone with a light brown base and black specks is a stunning choice for any application. You could use the same stone for your kitchen countertop. But if you are more inclined towards a luxurious choice, Fantasy Brown Marble is the name. The stone has cream, white and brown hues that will lighten the space. Don’t forget to choose dark brown cabinets just as in the image.

Black Galaxy Granite + Desert Teak Natural Sandstone (Black & Brown Interiors)

When a black shade and a brown shade is properly mixed in a room, it can give your space a sleek and modern look. But a little bit here and there could also turn a room into a lifeless cave. 

So, from nature, you have Black Galaxy Granite with a steely black base and silver and golden flecks. You can use the stone as an accent wall or flooring. And on the other hand, you could either choose a wooden flooring/furniture (just as in the image) or opt for Desert Teak Natural Sandstone that brilliantly mimics wood after application. You could also use it as a yellow sandstone flooring for your living room. 

Forest Green Marble (Green & Brown Interiors)

Green and brown tend to give your home a fresh forest-like feeling. If you love this nature’s favourite combination that you can see on most parts of our planet, consider bringing home Forest Green Marble tiles. One of the most popular green marble will match amazingly with wooden furniture in or outdoors.   

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From rocks in the quarries, we turn natural stones into ornaments ready to embellish your home with mood, energy and drama. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology at QM India that helps us make your dream a reality. 

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