Relaxing Office Interiors Inspired By Nature

Design Ideas For Calm Office Interiors

It is a well-recognized fact that the buildings and office spaces play an important role in the productivity of work. A well designed and lively office space increases both productivity and work efficiency. In today’s competitive environment, the stress to perform well squares upon every individual. This altogether takes a toll on their mental, physical and emotional well-being. While the architecture of the workspace takes up a prominent role in checking the above but you cannot do much if the workplace is taken oven on rent or lease. In such scenarios, the best way to make your office look pleasant and feel comfortable is by working up the interiors.

The interior of the workplace largely depends on the type of work. For example, if you work at a software firm, your workspace needs minimal interiors. The area would require cubicles as well as a section of spaces for group work or meetings. It will also require a recreational area where the employees can de-stress. On the other hand, if your office has more hands-on work in comparison to desk work, good storage and display areas are essential. It also requires cabins or cells where employees can work without being disturbed. 

The most important interior addition that needs to be done in every office space is access to nature. While most of the offices cannot literally do that, they can incorporate the serenity of nature by adding elements for the same. A green spot of installation of cascading water will do the trick. These are options that can be added or removed as per preference. A great way to influence the working capacities of your employees is by the flooring and walls. Calm colours give a peaceful outlook towards work. The use of natural stone for flooring or as backsplashes in the office space can offer positive results

Easing Out the Stressed Areas in Office


Architects and interior designers develop office spaces based on the psychology of human behaviour and interactions about space and colour. A bright and well-lit space is the key to sustain focus on work. To attain this, one can use marble or any other natural stone for flooring. Using mild and light-shaded natural stones for flooring gives a soothing effect. It also lights up the room in contrast to flooring laid using dark marble tiles. The natural stone suppliers can give a wide array of options for marble flooring. You can even choose from marble tiles to slabs of various sizes based on the design or the flooring.


Walls reflect light. The choice of the wall colour pivots on this key factor. While the ideal wall colours are white or cream, people usually experiment with other pastel shades as well. Along with the base colour, the addition of granite tile as backsplashes or panels can give the office space a sophisticated look. Light coloured granite slabs such as Imperial White Granite or Royal Pink Granite can be used as backsplashes in an office lobby or conference halls. These can be procured from any granite exporter. A small jump away from the usual breaks the monotony of the boring space and adds fun to the projects.

Boring Corners

Sometimes, a simple piece of art can liven up the corner. But when it comes to office space, the corners can be designed into a green spot. The Indian Vastushastra and Chinese Feng Shui suggestPlanters For Interior And Exterior Decorations that keeping house plants bring positivity to your space. When we look at this based on science, then it’s easy to understand their place indoors as plants increase the oxygen content of the air surrounding them. The oxygen-rich air increases the oxygen content of your blood and hence increases concentration and focus. Natural stone planters can be a stylish alternative to traditional clay planters and are also sold by natural stone suppliers.

What Influences the Office Interiors?


Proper lighting in a workplace has a profound impact on the overall work productivity of a person. A well-lit workspace is good for the eyesight of a person and uplifting his or her mood. Panels of Alaska Gold Granite, Mercury Grey Marble or Tinder Beige Marble are great options for light-toned backsplashes. These reflect the light and in turn, make the room look spacious. Quality Marble Exports (India), the leading granite suppliers can supply you with these granite slabs. These add style to the office and break the repetitiveness of the plain painted office walls. 


Many types of research prove that colours have a deep impact on our thought process and efficiency. It influences our perception. Therefore colours play a big role in the office set-up. The interior designers should keep this in mind and recreate the office space accordingly. While dark colours can add style and panache to a workspace, it is not always recommended. It may work well for certain kinds of businesses and offices. On the whole, most people prefer light-coloured interiors. A colour or two can be used as contrast tones to break the monotony.


The use of natural stones for flooring gives a feeling of comfort. Choosing a natural stone for flooring is based on several factors such as the diversity of activities related to the office, the inflow of people, maintenance and cost. Based on this, one can pick granite, marble or any other natural stone for the same. Granite floor tiles, as well as marble tiles, are a good choice for any office flooring as these offer a life-long solution with the right kind of maintenance.

Design Trends at Quality Marble Exports

Life (Plants)

Humans are designed to work well with the “life” around them. Nature or “life” in other words infuses an individual with positive energy and in turn, enhances the working capacity. Plants play a major role in the workplace. The more the number of plants of different variety in an office, the better the productivity of the workers. Separate sections can be planned for plants in an office lobby or passage. It can be separated from the walking space using marble filigree panels. Green marble planters are also a great option. Planters can be placed anywhere in the office area as per requirement. These give you the ease to re-decorate space as per taste. 


Stonecraft is becoming the new norm of art when it comes to natural stones. Marble suppliers, as well as granite suppliers, can provide an extensive range of products. Adding an abstract art sculpture to space can work magic for the people working in the area as well as those who visit. Different types of fountains can be tailor-made to blend in with the interiors of your office. 

These are areas that can increase or decrease the work quality of people working in an office.  No matter how small or insignificant it may sound, concentrating on these areas has an impact on the productivity of the workers. It also gives a face-value to your office.