Sidra Medical and Research Center : The World-Class Project of Quality Marble Exports (India)

The Successful Granite Manufacturing By QM India

Based in Udaipur, India, Quality Marble Exports (India) owns the distinction of being a world-class natural stone supplier. Thanks to our long-established expertise in the natural stone industry and our team of highly skilful craftsmen. Beginning from the arduous work of quarrying to the meticulous art of custom process. We have been carrying out large-scale architectural and natural stone projects worldwide.

As we endeavour on a new project, multifaceted demands come face to face. These include studying the design possibilities, customising its shape to befit the architecture and much more.

One such project that came not as a challenge, but an opportunity to augment our expertise is the Sidra Medical and Research Centre. Take a walk-through of how we met the extraordinary requirements of this state-of-the-art architectural project.

About Sidra Medical and Research Centre

Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Qatar is a high-tech facility developed with a vision to serve as a dynamic healthcare environment. It came true as the vision of the Chairperson and owner, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

The overall design and architecture of the building is a true healing oasis for the state of Qatar. It is the creation of architect Cesar Pelli, designer of prestigious global projects such as the World Financial Centre in New York.

Today, the Sidra Medical and Research Centre provides a world-class healthcare environment and services to women and children.

Contribution of Quality Marble Exports (India) as the Largest Granite Suppliers

As one of the largest granite suppliers in the world, Quality Marble Exports (India) received a huge responsibility forGranite Flooring providing custom granite stones. We were on a mission to meet the requirement of one of the 100 most influential women in the world, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. Our commitment was to craft bespoke granite stones that seamlessly blend with the architecture. We entered a creative collaboration to meet Her Highness’ vision to realise and establish the largest medical, research and rehabilitation centre in Asia.

Throughout the world, granite tile is favoured as the natural masterpiece with the highest capacity to stand the test of time. To be specific, Indian granite stone has an international reputation of utmost durability, broad-range colour variations and textures of royal etiquette.

Even further, at Quality Marble Exports (India), we own the expertise to deliver custom-made granite that synergises the design of any space. We go beyond providing innovative edge profiles, finishes, shapes, mosaic and textures. For Sidra Medical and Research Centre, the Indian Flamed GoldStone Granite came to be the winner. The stone successfully manufactured by Quality Marble Exports (India) is today adorning a dazzling facade and the floorings.

Skilful Fusion Of Premium-quality Granite Stone

Beginning from the journey of planning, the hospital building required more than tens of thousands of Granite Colors Available at Quality Marble Exportssquare meters of natural stone. An extraordinarily complex design by architect Cesar Pelli came as a challenge that we succeeded in skillfully.

The entire building was incorporated with aluminium scaffolding. Hence, the design called for our granite to have grooves on either side enabling smooth sliding into the aluminium scaffolding. It demanded a next-level accuracy in edge cutting and groove cutting.

Carrying out attentive study and planning, Quality Marble Exports (India) perfected the edge profiles. We cut out the grooves on the two long edges so that the stone is capable of sliding into absolute 90-degree angles of the aluminium scaffolding. We took this as our ‘dream mission.’ And without a doubt, we were able to manufacture, process, and deliver each stone according to the design requirement of Pelli.

You can see the high-rise facade, each stone stretches throughout with uniform tonality of colour. The texture and pattern follow suit to reflect in harmony a visually captivating amenity. Our expertise allowed us for a future-proof layout that flexibly adapts to the design. Quality Marble Exports (India) delivered more than 10,000 sqm of 3cm Indian granite of 455 varieties of sizes perfected to accurate dimensions.

Signature Level Quality and Attention to Floorings

Sidra Medical and Research Centre building comprises seven floors. Starting from the ground floor to theHigh-durable Granite By Quality Marble Exports top one, Quality Marble Exports (India) supplied granite floor tiles as per the requirement of individual floors. To make the installation easy for the on-site labourers, we were required to colour coat the crates. This process involved the labelling of every single crate.

From start to finish, the project called for an in-depth study, perfection in the manufacture, and the precision of markings. Logistics was another huge task achieved efficiently.

What’s Your Dream Project?

The expertise of Quality Marble Exports (India) integrated into a world-class architecture offers an escape from the conventional and distressing hospital environment. We were able to transform Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser’s vision into reality with her most discerning requirement in mind. And hence, were fortunate enough to have zero rejections, zero returns, zero replacements and zero wastage.

The research centre’s contractors and designers acclaimed Quality Marble Exports (India) for an incredible job executed in record time. We are proud to say that Sidra Medical and Research Centre is one of the most prestigious projects we’ve ever accomplished.

Do you have an exclusive dream project in mind? Reach out to the top granite suppliers from India. We are here to craft your idea into reality!