When To Replace Your Kitchen Countertops?

What Is The Right Time To Replace Your Kitchen Countertop?

A countertop is that place in the kitchen that can easily encourage or discourage cooking and other kitchen activities. So, you know that they are the heart of the kitchen - its aesthetics and its ambience.

But as kitchen countertops are the most used elements, they will have to be replaced over the years. With constant use, they lose their visual appeal and functionality. Moreover, if there are serious structural damages, they can have a considerable impact on the health of the family.

If you notice that your countertop is giving you these 5 hints, it’s time to get a new one. Otherwise, it will make you confident that your kitchen countertop is in perfect shape and doesn’t need any replacement.

Hint #1: When You See Cracks & Dents

Surface damage such as cracks, chips, and dents result from constant pressure and the excessive hit of sharp and abrasive objects. One or two damages here and there tell you that you can still get the countertop repaired.
Granite Kitchen Countertop To Sustain Cracks And Dents

However, too many of them or too noticeable ones are not worthy of repair. Sometimes, the cracks are so deep that you can see the wood or material underneath.

If these are left unchecked, it will make it difficult for you to clean the counters on a daily basis. And hence these will welcome dirt and bacteria that can contaminate your kitchen essentials as well as food. Worse, sharp cracks can be dangerous for your family members, especially kids.

Tip: Low-grade kitchen countertops easily get damaged. As an experienced marble and granite suppliers, we suggest upgrading to a high-quality granite countertop. Granite tile and slabs are extremely durable and tough enough to last for decades.

Hint #2: When You See Stains And Burns

Stains, burn marks and watermarks are very common blemishes on kitchen countertops. But if these turn stubborn then no amount of soap or scrubbing can get rid of them. Besides, experimenting with a mixture of cleaners without the proper knowledge could worsen the situation.

The same is the case with burn marks and watermarks. These make your kitchen countertops unhygienic as well as visually unappealing. To be confident that you really need a new countertop, do your research. Find out if stains and burns can be repaired with less invasive measures. If not, then it’s really time for a replacement.

Tip: While installing a new kitchen countertop, focus on sealing it. A high-grade sealant is the best way to keep away from all types of blemishes. And don’t forget to reseal whenever necessary.

Hint #3: When You See Your Countertop Is Fading

Over time a kitchen countertop will fade leaving your kitchen looking dull. This happens especially when your countertop is exposed to sunlight like the outdoor countertops. You may face this problem even when the protective sealant on it wears away.
Platinum White Granite For Beautiful Kitchen Countertop

You might even notice water getting absorbed by the material instead of the droplets staying on the surface. Resealing may solve the problem, but only until it is recommended by the manufacturer or the granite and marble suppliers.

Tip: If you need an outdoor countertop that is resistant to fading, consider Slate tiles and slabs or granite. With proper resealing, both will endure ultraviolet light for years. For indoor countertops, you can choose Platinum White Granite, Monte Cristo Grey Granite or Imperial White Granite.

Hint #4: When Cleaning Becomes A Trouble

Even when you don't see anything wrong with your countertop that does not mean you have to endure living with it all your life. If you observe that cleaning and maintaining the countertop is getting harder day by day you may wish for a beautiful and convenient replacement.

Moreover, you may lose the attachment with the look and feel of the countertop. And it may happen so much that you avoid inviting guests. This is definitely a hint that you need brand new and good-looking kitchen countertops.

Tip: Some natural stones like granite and exotic stones make cleaning and maintenance easier than others. Hence, consider installing either of them.

Hint #5: When You Need A Kitchen Remodel

When your kitchen and countertop design look outdated and ineffective you may want to go for a kitchen remodel. From walls to cabinets and the layout you may want to change everything. But if you also need to save money and plan the entire remodel step by step, start slow.

Make your first investment in a sturdy and stunning natural stone kitchen countertop. If you have an intense liking of staying in trend, choose countertops that are hard to go out of date - at least for a decade. Choose colour, pattern, and design by consulting interior design experts.

Tip: Check here to know why you should consider installing a granite countertop for your busy kitchens.

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Keeping this and many other homeowners' concerns in mind we manufacture the best quality countertops that last for decades without causing trouble. We also recommend our customers install the best sealing that will keep the countertop functional and elegant looking for years.

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