Ways To Keep Your Slate Looking Great

Tips To Maintain The Durability Of Slate Tiles

Over the last two centuries, slate tiles have been the go-to roofing material for most buildings. Its durability and beauty cannot be compared to any other natural material. However, it is also used today in most projects for other applications such as flooring, cladding and walls.

Slate tiles have natural textures which can fit in any space by adding depth to the decor. Also, it has rich neutral shades which range from brown, grey and black that can blend with any style. Quality Marble Exports (India), well-known slate suppliers from India some of the best slate varieties to property owners around the globe.

Choosing a slate stone is a good idea for any application. But it requires regular maintenance to keep it great. In this article, you will get to explore a few tips on how you can achieve this.

Tips To Keep Your Slate Looking Great

1. Sealing

Heat-resistant Slate Tiles For High Traffic Areas

You must seal your slate tiles at the installation stage. You should have three coats of seal which should each dry before applying another coat. Sealing is important due to several reasons. First, it reduces the risk of stains when spills occur. Plus, it is easier to clean the stone when it is sealed. Also, sealing reduces wear and tear especially in high traffic areas. It is vital to seal slate tiles regularly depending on the abuse. For a good sealant, consult professional slate stone suppliers for a perfect finish.

2. Clean Spills Instantly

Although slate tiles are resistant to spills the only way you can keep the stone looking great is by cleaning it. Kitchen countertops can be ruined by culprits like acid-based foods, greasy gravies, and dark liquids such as wine. They can result in mildew and mould. You can clean the slate tiles using water and a soft sponge. However, if they don't work you can look for a slate cleaner from slate stone suppliers. Do not use abrasive products such as steel wool or any acid-based cleaner such as vinegar. Also, avoid oils on the slate tiles since they can make the flooring slippery, resulting in accidents.

3. Grout The Slate Tiles For A Perfect Finish

Add Glamour With White Natural Slate Stone

You can grout the slate tiles, but it will require some patience. Slatestone suppliers usually supply most of the stones with grout lines. But you can order ones with none. For the perfect finish, grout your tiles with spacing to reduce the risk of cracking. Also, it provides strength along the edges. It is important to seal the slate tiles before grouting to protect the stone.

4. Polish The Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are susceptible to scratches but the good news is that they can be polished using sandpaper. Also for your DIY projects, you can use fine steel wool to achieve a thorough look. It is advisable to finish polishing using a sealant.

5. Protect The Slate Tiles Using Rugs And Mats

Slate is a hard material but still, it is important to protect it from scratches, wear and tear. You can protect the stone from high traffic or furniture with rugs and mats. Although the sealant also acts as a protective layer, covering the stone will add an extra layer of protection making it last longer than expected.

6. Don't Drag The Furniture

Dragging furniture leaves behind permanent scratches on the flooring which become irreparable. So another way to reduce scratches is by lifting furniture when moving them. Also, you can add protective pads to the furniture.

7. Hire Professionals

You might be considering doing all this by yourself. But you should hire professionals to do the work. For instance, if the slate tiles look dull, you can contact a slate supplier who can use stone cleaning products to revitalize the stone. The good thing about professionals is that they can turn the stone to look new and restore its beauty. Also, you can hire them to seal, polish, and grout the slate tiles for thorough results.

Proper maintenance is key to keeping slate tiles looking great at all times for longer. It doesn't take a lot, just a few measures such as using the right cleaner and sealant for the stone. You have to remember that installing it is an investment that can increase the value of your space.

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Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the leading slate suppliers from India offering a variety of colours, textures, patterns and finishes in the slate category.

Browse through a wide range of slate tiles, from black to red to decorate your modern or rustic interiors. Some of our customer-favourite options are listed below:

Kund Multicolor Slate For A Traditional Touch

1. Kund Multicolor Slate - When you wish to give your traditional home a luxurious touch, these slate tiles prove to be one of the best. The stone reflects a beautiful blend of rusty green, black, and purple hues on a single tile. It is a perfect fit for the outdoors due to its weather-resistant properties and durability.

2. Himachal White Natural - One of the hardest slate stones, this Himachal variety amazingly resists stains and cracks. So, you don’t need to worry about maintenance even though it has a white base. The variety is popular in both commercial and residential projects for bathrooms, fireplaces and swimming pool surrounds.

3. Ocean Multicolor Polished - The natural green colour slate tiles flaunt yellow patches on a green background. Its texture resembles the ocean waves. Property owners love applying this stone to verandahs, patios and other outdoor pathways.

4. Copper Natural - If you love the shine of metals and the rustic feel of copper, this slate stone will win your heart. A majority of the stone has a reddish tint that mixes with small portions of greens, greys and oranges. When applied to flooring or countertops, the stone will create a calming atmosphere.

For many more slate tiles options, browse through our website.

High-quality Slate Suppliers From India

But before making the investment, keep the above points in mind. This will ensure your slate tiles look great and witness your interiors stay young through decades.

If you are looking for more information on the slate stone, we are here to clarify your queries.