Top 5 Black & White Granite Interior Design Ideas

Black And White Granite Interior Design Ideas

Designing your home can be one of the most interesting things you do in your lifetime. However, keeping up with the latest trends can be overwhelming because one minute they are in the next, they are forgotten. Nevertheless, you can create a classic foundation for your home with timeless designs such as monochrome.

Black and white is a timeless look that will never go out of style. For this reason, homeowners opt for this design which fits perfectly in both traditional and contemporary homes. Black and white granite tile marries each other seamlessly in any home setting. You can implement them in your kitchen, bathroom, and living space effortlessly. The tiles will give your home a calming yet sophisticated and elegant look.

A lot of homeowners think that choosing black and white granite tile is a bit boring and outdated. But there are amazing varieties from Quality Marble Exports (India) that can revamp your space and let your visitors jaws-dropping. Here are the top five ideas to help you get started!

1. Minimalism

Minimalism is a concept that is not disappearing any time soon. It has become a way of life for many people. If you are thinking of adopting this lifestyle then a black and white colour scheme is the way to start.

Black Granite For Kitchen Countertops

If you are more inclined to a light-themed house and worry how black colour incorporation to interiors would look we have a great solution. Add a polished Black Galaxy Granite Tile accent wall in your living room or bedroom. Sparkling silver and golden shiny flakes running through a black base add life to the seemingly dead black background. It’s almost the colour of the clear night sky. This can be paired with River White Granite flooring tiles that enhance the overall effect. This natural stone looks stunning with minimal white, grey and burgundy specks on a white base.

2. Mosaic

Beautiful Blend Of Black & White Granite Mosaic

You might be one of many people who think that mosaics only go hand in hand with murals. But there are many areas in your home where you can implement this design idea.

For instance, instead of covering your entire wall with either black granite or white granite tiles, you can combine both. You can use horizontal or vertical panels of Absolute Black Granite and combine them with panels of Colonial White Granite. The plain black granite and the latter with a white base and tiny black spots on it add vigour to your accent wall. If, if not a wall, you could mimic the design on the floor.

3. Gray Shades

Monte Cristo Granite Slab

The beauty of grey is that it can complement any colour. In this case, you can use different shades of grey to soften black or white themed homes. The final effect results in a cosy atmosphere that helps you to relax. One of the most captivating grey granite is Monte Cristo Granite. This stone provides a spectacular look to your home with shiny brown and grey specks on a white backdrop. You can use this stone for an accent wall or a section of your flooring. In the kitchen, you could use this as a backsplash or kitchen countertop coupled with white cabinets for a contemporary look.

4. Bold Accents

Colours influence our moods and adding bold accents to a neutral theme home is a great idea. Your bedroom can be a great place to start. It is one area in which you can fully express yourself.

For instance, a Titanium Black Granite tile accent wall coupled with Viscont white granite flooring can add an extreme look to your bedroom. To make it bolder, you could introduce a dose of red. Or, perhaps, your lampshades and pillows can be switched to red. You can play with other hues such as yellow, green or turquoise to add diversity.

5. Texture/Pattern

Imperial White Granite For Your Living Space

Do you know which textures are right for your living space? The kind of textures you use can determine the design style you incorporate. For instance, smooth textures complement a modern look while natural and rough ones mean a rustic design. Adding textures to a monochromatic design is meant to add balance to it. You can add a pattern design to your black and white granite flooring tiles. One of the most popular is Imperial White Granite that can bring a unique feel to the area. This stone is neutral in appearance yet it has a great capacity to energise a space with its colours. Use this stone as flooring and introduce Black Forest Granite as kitchen countertops. You can use the same textured combination in the living room, bedroom or bathroom as well.

Only the top granite suppliers from India like Quality Marble Exports can help you out in choosing the right granite tile for your home space. Your decor doesn't have to be boring using just paints.

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