8 Unusual Ways To Use Imperial White Granite In Landscaping!

Imperial White Granite For Landscape Design

If you are a lover of nature then landscaping must be one of the best things to do. However, a lot of people discard stones because they do not have that sense of aesthetic appeal. But natural stone can be the best investment you can make when landscaping.

Granite is a great option for your outdoors. It is durable, versatile, tough and available in a wide range of colours and cuts. If you are looking for a calm and neutral granite tile then Imperial White Granite from India is the answer. It has a grey background with streaks of white and pink. Why should you opt for this granite tile for your landscape?

Firstly, Imperial White Granite will add a more visual impact on your space. For instance, you can incorporate large granite floor tiles as the centrepiece of your garden. Secondly, it creates delineation for your plants. You have to agree that using natural stone is more appealing than using materials such as metal or plastic. Finally, granite is generally low maintenance, thus it looks great during all seasons.

How To Use Imperial White Granite Tiles In Your Landscaping?

Bring An Earthy Touch With Imperial White Granite Tile / Slabs

1. Stone Garden Fence

Stone walls have been used since ancient times. Adding an Imperial White Granite stone fence will give your garden an earthy touch. Granite tiles are known to be long lasting and there are various styles you can pile them. For instance, you can opt for a rustic fence with different granite tiles piled on top of one another.

2. Flower Bed & Surround

Landscape edging is the only way to complete your flowerbed. Imperial White Granite from India is the best material to surround your flowerbed since it will alleviate the best parts of your garden. For example, you can use large white granite tiles to create a barrier between your flowerbed and yard. Also, you can use the stones to make a raised flower bed. However, ensure that the granite tiles are always a level higher than the flowerbed.

3. Waterfall

Designing and building a waterfall for your landscape will not only add value to your home but also make your outdoor space appealing. If your backyard has a natural stream it is a great way to use Imperial White Granite as a dominant stone. The large granite tiles should form the waterfall while the small ones should make paths for the streams.

4. Birdhouse

If you love art and birds then constructing birdhouses out of natural stone should be a fun hobby. The calm appeal of the Imperial White Granite with its whitish and pinkish veins will attract the birds. Also, you can add a birdbath of different coloured granite tiles.

5. Stone Fire Pits

A fire pit for your landscape is a must-have for any homeowner especially if you live in a temperate zone. Concrete and bricks are famously used for this project but granite is the best material. Granite tiles are hard natural material that can withstand all temperatures. Also, they put up with the freeze-thaw cycle and are easy to maintain. There are different design styles to implement such as a camp-style fire pit.

6. Garden Stone Furniture

Choosing the best furniture for your landscape should not be a daunting task. Garden stone furniture is a modern trend that natural homeowners are choosing. Imperial White Granite tiles are weatherproof, durable, low maintenance and comfortable making them ideal for this project. They are also frost resistant and maintain their polish throughout.

7. Entry Steps Into A Garden Block

Granite floor tiles are the best material for outdoor use. If you want to impress your visitors with a welcoming path to your garden then opt for it. If you have a sloped backyard use large white granite tiles to provide balanced walking steps. You can also frame your plants in the pathway.

Increase Your Garden’s Value With White Granite Tile

8. Imperial White Granite In Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens have been around since the Heian period. They are popularly known as zen gardens since they offer a great place for meditation. Imperial White Granite has that calming effect that works great for a zen garden. You can use crushed granite tiles all over your space and complement it with plants. However, regular maintenance of the garden is needed.

Highest Quality Imperial White Granite Tile From Quality Marble Exports (India)

Imperial White Granite Finishes For Alluring Effect

Quality Marble Exports (India) offers premium quality Imperial White Granite from India as one of the leading granite suppliers. We offer the natural stone in a variety of finishes that change the look and function of the material while making it apt for a specific application. Following are the finishes we offer for the stone.

Polished - The polished stone brings out the rich colours while adding an everlasting shine. This type can easily match any design style.

Honed - This granite has a low-gloss sheen with a lack of mirror-like reflection seen in the polished version. However, when it comes to flooring or pathway, it tends to be one of the best anti-slippery versions.

Bush-hammered - This finish gives the stone a rough and weathered texture. It applies to any design indoors or out.

Shot-blasted - Even this kind of finish offers a rough and textured look to the stone. But in this case, the end product has a highly even texture all over.

Semi-polished - This one has a slightly less reflective surface than the polished counterpart.

Flamed - This type offers the ultimate textured surface which is ideal for exterior paving or wet areas. It provides optimum anti-slipperiness required outdoors.

Quality Marble Exports' Imperial White variety is a mass favourite in Qatar. So if you are looking to get more information about this white granite tile and its best use, please reach out to the leading granite suppliers from India.

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