How Can You Make Your Kitchen Child Friendly?

Create A Safe Kitchen For Your Kids

The thought of your kids in the kitchen must be daunting. It might seem like a bad idea in the first place. But it could change how you bond with your kids. A kitchen is a heavenly place not only where meals are made but even memories. You can create long-lasting memories with your children through cooking. They can learn recipes and ingredients which will aid them in the future. Besides you can teach them how to do some basic skills such as cleaning and organizing.

The benefits of having your kids in the kitchen outweigh the chaos that you might experience. Besides, these kitchen activities can help you discover your kids’ talents. However, kitchen safety must be a priority. Here is a look at some ways you can make your kitchen child friendly.

Top 6 Elements To Make The Kitchen A Safe Place

The kitchen is the soul of a home but it is also full of dangers for your kids. Before you allow any young one in there, it is paramount to put in measures that will keep them safe. So, let’s look at some of the best ways to do so.

Kitchen Countertops

Safe Edges Cut By Quality Marble Exports - Platinum White Granite

Kitchen work surfaces are a priority for most people looking for a home. Natural stone has become the go-to material that attracts buyers. Granite is without a doubt the most sought after natural stone for kitchen countertops. It blends perfectly with any kitchen decor. And, Quality Marble Exports (India) offers customized countertops that are made keeping your home requirements in mind.

Why should you opt for granite stone? Well, natural stone is the most durable among all options. It can resist heat, scratches, and other abuses. It is also stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about stains that your toddler will make. More so, they are easy to clean and maintain.

However, to ensure maximum safety for your kids, opt for rounded-edged granite countertops. They will help in preventing injuries that could result from sharp edges. An added advantage is that they don't chip, which makes them last longer. At Quality Marble Exports (India), we offer a variety of edge profiles you can choose from to obtain maximum safety.

Graceful Imperial White Granite Kitchen Countertops

Now, when it comes to colour, a light kitchen countertop can be a great option. Because you can easily clean off the mess or dirt as your kids learn new skills in the kitchen. One of the popular options is Imperial White Granite. The stone has a neutral base with light grey pink veins that enhance its beauty - as well as your kitchen’s.

Last but not least, lower the height of the work surface so that your kids can reach it.

Kid-Sized Furniture

Kids from a young age desire independence. However, imagine them doing things but every furniture is too tall or big for them. Thus, investing in a kid-size chair and table set can help in their development and also keep them safe. For instance, they can have their meals on their dining set and later clean up. Also, you can buy step stools that will help your children reach sinks and countertops that are too tall.

Reachable Faucets

Remodel Your Kitchen With Reachable Faucets

When remodelling your kitchen to suit your kids' needs don't forget about the faucets. You can opt for one with an off and on a button on the side to make it more accessible. Or, you can also opt for automatic faucets so that your kids can use them to wash their hands without touching them again and again while blending in the kitchen environment.

Kids Storage Section

You can dedicate low kitchen cabinets for your kids. All the kitchen accessories they use can be stored here. This way, they can easily access their utensils during mealtime. However, ensure that there are no sharp objects such as knives in that area.


The right type of flooring that's safe for kids to rush from here and there in the kitchen is important. Hence, as granite floor tiles are the safest option, it's the way to go. Besides, granite tile with the right finish will also ensure that the flooring is non-slippery, considering the chaos children make in the kitchen.

Sharp Objects Hidden Away

This is one of the most important elements you should consider. Keep all sharp objects such as knives, scissors and forks in a high drawer with a safety latch. Also, ensure that appliances such as blenders and others with sharp blades are stored beyond kids reach. If this element is in place, you 100% through to making your kitchen child-friendly.

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