How To Decorate Your Home With Traditional Natural Stones?

Home Decor With Traditional Natural Stones

Many homeowners have a penchant for traditional interiors. You may just be an admirer of the subtle elegance of the traditional decor. Or you may have grown up in a home decorated in traditional style. Whatever the reason is, we have timeless ideas to give a rich traditional touch to your interiors without the need for costly antiques or hand-me-downs.

Achieving a traditional style home with natural stone is as simple as purchasing artwork and hanging it on the wall. The only thing you need to take care of is the flawless continuity between the furniture, its layout, and other aspects of decor. Staying in harmony with a theme gives the right direction to accomplish your design goals.

As leading marble and granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) brings you a curated list of natural stones for the much-coveted traditional style home.

What Themes Best Fit In Traditional Style Interiors?

If you are not clear about what a perfect traditional style home looks like, we have a quick brief for you. Old-style interiors are calm, orderly and predictable. There is no element that looks wild or chaotic. Furnishings are just like the old French or English manors and might feel outdated. When it comes to colours, darker hues and pale tones play a big role here. Some of these include deep red, purple, mustard, dark green, golden, and brown. Thick dark wood and brass work as the prominent elements of decor. And the best part is, traditional homes feel cosy and comfortable to all age groups. Now, let’s explore the best picks in marble tiles, granite tile, sandstone and slate.

Best Spaces To Flaunt Your Traditional Natural Stones


Desert Cream Granite For Durable Kitchen Countertops

Let’s start with the kitchen that is the heart of every home. There are two essential places that can play with contrasting natural stones. The first is kitchen countertops. For this space, you can go with Tiger Skin Granite. This is one of the best stones that can sprinkle the traditional vibes in your kitchen. The second is the backsplash. Hence, to complement it, we have Desert Cream Granite and Imperial White Granite. This stone comes with a beige background decorated with dark specks. It is highly durable, crack-resistant, stain-free and hence best fit for the kitchen.


Emerald Green Marble For Rich Looking Bathroom

For your bathroom, big or small, Emerald Green Marble is one of the best options. The green marble tiles stand as one of the rich-looking stones that can add a touch of luxury and serenity to your bathroom. Whether you wish a spa-like atmosphere or space to have a dip amidst the magic of nature. This natural stone is the way to go. A light green base with dark green veining mimics the hues of nature.

Living Room

Red Teakwood Sandstone Slabs at Quality Marble Exports

Among natural stones, sandstone is one of the most traditional-looking materials. Almost every variety available reflects the old-style aura of homes. If you would love to add a deep red accent wall to your living room, Modak Natural Sandstone is a popular choice. For the flooring, depending on your theme, you could go for Silver Pearl Grey Granite Floor Tiles. If other decor aspects are lighter, a Red Teakwood Sandstone could do wonders. The stone tiles naturally have a wooden feel, when looking from a distance.

Jharokha Or Mehrab

Sandstone Jharokha Giving a Traditional Feel To Your Home

Jharokha Or Mehrab With natural stones, your home can look purely traditional from the inside out. So, how about having a copper coloured jharokha? We are talking not literally, but this Copper Natural Slate displays reddish copper hues that mimic copper. Like brass, copper has also been an important decor element in the homes of old times. And this slate variety will give you that feeling.

If you wish for a lighter colour jharokha or mehrab, Dholpur Red Honed Sandstone can be a wonderful pick. The rough version of this stone gives an excellent traditional look and feel. Plus, for the outdoor space like the backyard or patio, you could go for a sandstone variety. The material is popular when it comes to decorating outdoors, and you can play with different colours you like.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - One Stop Destination For Traditional Natural Stones

Quality Marble Exports (India) has a broad collection of traditional and modern looking natural stones that can transform your space. For over three decades we have been catering to the needs of our customers in India and abroad with personalized solutions.

Choose the natural stones of your choice, and we will give the finish, shape and size that you desire. In addition, we also provide artistic stone crafts that can add to the traditional or modern decor.

 Our High-quality Natural Stones For Your Traditional Decor

With one of the leading marble suppliers, there is no reason why you can’t use natural stone to fit any space. Also, with natural stone, you are not just adding luxury to your home but enhancing the property value.

If you already have a traditional theme in your mind, we would love to fulfil it and bring it to a beautiful reality. So, let’s connect!