Sandstone: A Perfect Accompaniment For Your Space

Applications of Natural Sandstone

The glory of Indian sandstone dates back to centuries when it was used to crown a variety of architectural icons. Even today these historic monuments of India stand proudly with many recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Chittorgarh Fort, Red Fort, Sanchi Stupa, Qutub Minar, and Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri are some of the benchmarks for Natural Sandstone architecture.

Historically used sandstone varieties were quarried from the North and North-West India. Dholpur Beige Sandstone is one of those exquisite natural stones which is mined even today. The stone looks robust and offers high durability and strength. Quality Marble India, leading natural stone supplier provides customised Dholpur Beige that perfectly adorns any space desired.

To speak about the intrinsic qualities of sandstone, it is an eco-friendly natural stone dear to environment enthusiasts. The stone has a low carbon footprint and consumes a negligible percentage of energy when used in construction. Besides, its production involves no chemicals or waste of any sort and can be easily recycled for reuse.

But this is not the only reason why sandstone attracts homeowners. Its physical properties and the range of colours and finishes it represents are other major factors. The stone shows excellent resistance to slips while maintaining timeless beauty for a lifetime. From shades of creams and pinks to browns and greys, sandstone has the spirit to flawlessly enhance the aesthetics of any space. Coming to options available in finishes, it includes polished, honed, brushed, leathered among many more.

The following are ideas that will lead you to discover ways that enhance indoors and outdoors using sandstone.

Various Ways to Add Sandstone In Your Space

Indian sandstone is versatile in its applications. Hence, it can be used for both interiors as well as exterior space. Kandla Grey Honed Sandstone is an explicit example of the same. The stone is widely used for wall cladding and flooring in both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its innate properties that make it a suitable choice for any environment. It offers a modern look with a tint of blue in the grey backdrop - adding to its minimalistic beauty. When wet, the natural stone reflects shine that never goes overlooked. The raw form of the stone is quarried from North-West India, processed and finished to give a touch of luxury in its appearance.

Sandstone Collection At Quality Marble India

A Seamless Transition From Interiors To Exteriors

If a garden or a big outdoor space is part of a home then a smooth flow from outdoors to indoors is essential. This design element holds good for commercial properties as well. Hence the addition of sandstone can be a splendid choice to bring the seamless transition. A sandstone variety used in garden paving can also adorn the kitchen flooring to bring a connection between the interiors and the outside. This is especially important if one has a large patio or sliding doors that provide direct access to the kitchen.

Kandla Grey Polished is often used for patios and treads. The stone is also an apt choice for windows, door sills, beams, pillars, and wall cladding. The sandstone is the polished variant of Kandla Grey Sandstone which can be used for the outdoor space. Both the stones have the same colour with finishes that suit the specific needs. The polished one offers increased shine offering a radiant look. It has high durability and strength while being non-slippery in nature. Both the Kandla Grey varieties can be used to bring a seamless transition accompanied by modern aesthetics.

A Colourful Garden Walkway

Indian sandstone can beautifully complement the lush green grass, the picturesque landscape and natural stone tabletop in a garden. Rainbow Honed is a perfect choice for a vibrant garden walkway that can intensify the charm of the natural surroundings. Thanks to its colours that are visible as rainbow bands. There is an eye-catching touch of yellow, orange, purple that are most prominent. Moreover, the look and feel of the stone also harmonise the wooden furniture used around. Having a pattern that reflects a feeling of being amongst nature is a unique specialty of this stone. QM India offers hand-cut Rainbow Honed Sandstone that enlivens pathways for decades.

Versatile Outdoor Area

Owing to its looks and properties, sandstone is a favourite choice for walkways in the garden area and home entrances. Using natural sandstone, one can create a versatile outdoor space that is useful throughout the year.

Dholpur Beige Honed 01 is one of those widely used natural stones since historic times. It is characterised with regular bedding and uniform grain size that bestows uniqueness to its look. The colour it owns is Beige with a touch of pink which makes it feel subtle and serene. Using this stone, homeowners can create a huge patio or dining area amidst the garden. Its overall looks incredibly suit the wooden arrangements in the dining area. As the stone is durable and strong against all weather conditions, it can keep the outdoor space lively and useful year-round.

Multiple Colours For Small Space

If you own an outdoor area that is compact using a single-colour stone would make it look even smaller. Therefore, using two or even three colours, in contrast, can make the area look more appealing. Using sandstone available in different colours can bring the difference you desire with minimal furnishings and planting.

Dholpur Chocolate Honed sandstone blocks in combination with another lighter shade can bring a huge difference to the aesthetics. The natural stone is one of the best choices for both commercial and residential environments. It has the colours and the strength to provide timeless beauty to any space. QM India offers customised hand-cut sandstone slabs and blocks to suit your design requirements.

Garden Stepping Stones

The natural stone is a great choice to use it in combination with gravel to create stepping stones in the garden area. The natural sandy expression of sandstone with gravel togetherly gives an ideal look to the stepping stones pathway. As a bonus to the aesthetics, you can use it as the fencing for the fountain in your garden.

QM India, one of the leading sandstone suppliers offer varieties of natural sandstone with tailor-made cuts and finishes. If you wish to create an exterior having a turn around effect, then explore the premium natural sandstone collection at our store!