How Can You Enhance Your Interiors With Single Tone Design Ideas?

Unique Single Tone Interior Design Ideas

Applying natural stones in our homes is one of the best ways to connect with mother Earth. They exist in a variety of colours and patterns which can suit any style from rustic to complementary. For instance, marble tiles and slate tiles are associated with a modern and chic vibe. If you are looking for a more relaxing interior decor then opt for lighter hues of limestone and sandstone. Also, there are many unique ways in which you can apply natural stones from pebbles, tiles and even slabs. However, colour plays a vital role in ensuring that your home is not only aesthetically appealing but also elevates the home value.

One trend that has taken the interior design industry by storm is the use of single tones in a space. Have you ever thought of using different stones with the same colour hue? Sounds intriguing right? Applying granite and marble tiles in the same kitchen is not a bad idea. How about applying slate with granite?

With the help of Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the known granite and marble suppliers, you can achieve any design. In this article, discover how you can implement single tone design in your space.

1. White Affair

Add Minimalist Charm With White Granite & Marble

White is often associated with cleanliness and sophistication. For this reason, it is a good choice to be applied in the kitchen. So what do you think about white granite kitchen countertops? Although most homeowners blend it with other materials such as wooden cabinets and flooring it can also be a great match to use with white marble. For instance, you can opt for Imperial White Granite for the kitchen countertops with Amba White marble flooring. The neutral shades along with the white hues of the two stones will complement each other and add minimalistic charm to your space.

2. Back on Black

Create A Warm Environment With Black Flooring

In the past people used to shy from black decor but they are embracing it nowadays. Black tones are appreciated today because they are associated with elegance and can captivate any space. It is mostly paired with stainless steel and wooden materials to create a warm environment. Also to minimise a monotonous feel it is matched with grey and white colours. Have you ever thought of applying a total black design? Absolute Black granite is a good choice for the bathroom flooring since it is resistant to moisture, heat and mildew. For a total black design, you can opt for a Cudappa Black Natural kitchen flooring which is a variety of limestone. It will add a natural feel to the kitchen and some touch of elegance since it has a polished look.

3. Green Scene

How would you like to add some freshness to your space? The best way you can achieve this is by using green natural stone such as green marble. It is rich in colour and can liven any space. The bathroom is a great place to play with this colour. For a single tone design, you can opt for Spider green marble to create mosaic tiles which can be complemented with Forest Green Marble for the marble flooring. The latter has light green and black veins on a greenish-brown background which gives a sense that you are stepping into a forest.

Green Marble & Granite To Bring A Sleek & Contemporary Touch

In addition, using green stone in the kitchen will create an ambient look seamlessly. For instance, using a Fantasy Green Marble kitchen countertop will make it the centre of attention. Furthermore, you can incorporate a polished Green Pearl Granite backsplash to add more elegance to space. These two stones in conjunction with stainless steel cabinets increase your home value.

Also, exteriors are a great place to infuse green, for instance, slate tiles such as Deoli Green Natural can be used for walking paths in the garden. It can be complemented with a facade made from sandstone tiles such as Raj Green Natural.

4. Warmth of Brown

Brown Hues For Intense Visuals

Interiors splashed with brown hues always give out a warm and cosy feeling. You can either select two different natural stones with different patterns. Or choose one stone with patterns and the other one plain. Like, for example, your living room can have an accent wall made of Cats Eye Brown Granite. This variety delivers intense visuals that resemble a cat’s eye. To pair with this, you can choose Autumn Brown Natural Sandstone either for your fireplace or flooring. The latter has a subtle appearance yet reflects a strong presence.

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