10 Trending Natural Stones At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Top 10 Latest Trends In Natural Stones

Why do property owners love natural stones? Well, the answer lies in the intrinsic qualities of stones like granite tile. Homeowners get every quality they desire in a single material. They get the best beauty and highest functionality.

Whether it is the soft marble tiles or sturdy granite floor tiles, each stone has the capacity to stay young for decades. They can withstand high temperatures, dirt, stains, pressure, and much more. So, you get beauty with low maintenance at cost-effective prices - an all-in-one package.

At Quality Marble Exports(India), one of the leading granite suppliers and marble suppliers, we’ve got 10 trending natural stones. They are frequently being preferred by homeowners and property owners worldwide.

Discover our bestsellers in the read ahead. You would definitely find your choice!

Black Galaxy Granite

Achieve Bold Interiors With Black Granite

This black granite stone is popular worldwide. Thanks to people who love decorating their interiors with a bold colour such as black. Next thanks go to this natural stone. It has an eye-catching steely background that mimics a starry night sky. It is widely used for kitchen countertops but you can use it anywhere and it will dazzle your space.

Black Marquino Granite

This variety is brighter in terms of pattern. It resembles a tiger’s skin but in a black and white combination. It offers an elegant and sophisticated look and feels to any application. If you have completely white interiors, the black granite floor tiles will look mesmerizing.

Crystal Yellow Granite

This natural stone showcases brown, reddish, and beige specks on white background. The variety is unique and unlike any other commonly used granite. Install the stone as kitchen countertop, accent wall, flooring, or vanity top. It is available in shot-blasted and flamed finishes.

Desert Camel Blasted

Decorate Your Patio & Pathway With Desert Camel Blasted Sandstone

This is one of the most unique sandstones you will come across worldwide. The variety has a light grey backdrop which is partially decorated with orange bands. It is a perfect option for your patio or outdoor garden pathway.

Dholpur Beige Honed

If you are a history enthusiast and have travelled to plenty of historical places in India, you must have come across a monument made of Dholpur Sandstone. A lot of heritage buildings in the country speak of the elegant and magical character of this stone. And the good news is that you can bring this charm to your home.

Forest Green Marble

If you ask which is the most popular marble variety? Forest Green Marble definitely comes in the top 10. This natural stone has a light and dark green veins running randomly in different directions. The green shades of the stone bestow an enchanting look to this variety. Use the marble tiles as flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertop, or even showers. We are sure you will fall in love with its look especially if you love jungles.

Imperial White Granite

Imperial White Granite For Gentle & Bright Interiors

If you are a lover of gentle, bright, and light interiors, Imperial White Granite could be your favourite. This white granite is famous for its neutral colours. You will find a blend of pink and grey hues. As the stone is versatile in look you can use it for both light and dark interiors. This granite is available in a broad range of finishes.

Nurelle Grey Granite

Another neutral yet a bit darker stone is Nurelle Grey Granite. Thanks to its grey specks on a white base, it offers distinct aesthetics to your interiors. In fact, you could also use it for your outdoor applications such as an outdoor kitchen countertop. Although this granite is ideal for contemporary space, it is as much as suitable for traditional homes.

Rainforest Brown Marble

Enhance The Aesthetics With Rainforest Brown Marble

It’s hard to find such enticing marble tiles in any quarry of the world. A native of Rajasthan state in India, this stone catches eyeballs with dark brown and bright white strokes on a lighter brown base. If you have countryside interiors, this brown marble can enhance the aesthetics. Many of our customers have preferred this stone for bathroom sinks as well as living room decor pieces.

Silver Grey Natural

This is a slate variety with a sleek design and pattern. The tiles have a steely and shiny silver colour plain design. It is a highly feasible choice for residential and commercial flooring with high footfall. In fact, the stone works excellently in places having shivering winters. You could also consider the stone for your roofing application.

At Quality Marble Exports (India) you can browse through dozens of other natural stone categories that recreate your space. Our quality and variety are not just loved by homeowners and office owners. But it is also sought-after by well-known interior designers and architects.

Top 10 Natural Stones At The Trusted Natural Stone Suppliers

If you love to stay with the trends, you can pick your stone from the top 10 trending natural stones listed here. And then you can let us know how you would like us to customize the stone for your space.